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Big excitement today on the books checked out the library front--I walked there during lunch even though it was super hot when it's only supposed to be in the mid-80s today. Obviously I am very brave and deserve some kind of reward. Anyway, I got Carolyn Myss' new book and also Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I've been wanting to read since Miss Catie recommended it awhile back; I can hardly wait to get home and start reading.

Okay, so the heart concerns stem from chest pains I sometimes get, on the left, that are probably muscular in origin, but I would like to have that confirmed by the medical professionals. Sometimes when I get the pains I can remember, oh I was shoveling dirt earlier, or I carried something heavy and that's what's causing it, but sometimes I've sat on my ass all day and haven't done anything to cause muscle pain and those are the times that worry me. So yeah, it's almost surely nothing, but I just want to KNOW. [PS Jen I do get that sort of weird heart palpitation thing you commented about yesterday. I no likey.]

Last night for dinner I made a couple of Morningstar Farms veggie patties (teriyaki and ginger flavored, I think) and a salad. The salad made me very happy because with Francisco and the Shark not here, I was able to make a very vinegary vinagrette, because I like vinegar a lot but the mens are big babies about it. The salad itself wasn't innovative, but I put some crumbles of goat cheese on it and enjoyed the hell out of it. I don't know what I'll make tonight, but it will definitely involve salad again. With goat cheese.

Update on Esther's rug pooping: She's still doing it. She only does it after the box litter is 4 days old, but this mystifies me, because she still PEES in the box, so why not poop in there? I've started changing the litter more often but I'm not sure it will appease her. She's capricious, that one.

Something I like to say to Francisco when he calls at night and tells me about his day is, when he says what they had for dinner at sleepaway police camp, I ask what wine was paired with it. I've only asked him that twice but I'm pretty sure that joke is played out now. I might let it rest awhile and spring it on him in a month or two--I'm positive it will have gotten funny again in the meantime.

Okay, that's about it. In a few minutes I will go home and then immediately go to the store to get my pillz, and as long as I'm there I might as well buy some other things, like brie and mushrooms and cat litter. My life is pure glamour.




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