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A couple of mornings ago I got up with severe bedhead (even worse than usual) and Francisco spontaneously dubbed it Left Behind hair, as in those 'Left Behind' books so many Christians seem to love, about how they'll all be sucked up to heaven and the rest of us will suffer here on earth? Apparently my morning hair is so bad it's akin to post-rapture hair. I'm sure I hardly need to tell you this pleases me.

Oh man, I had Such a song of the day for you today; SUCH A SONG! It was the Ride Committee's 'Get Huh', a song which is hilarious, yet compels you to dance like nobody's business (and really, IS it anybody's business? I think not). Unfortunately I discovered I'd waited too long to point y'all over to it, because it's not available anymore. Do you think I was distraught? Hell yes I was distraught! I was kicking myself; I was ululating. I was rending my garments, and then I noticed I was beginning to attract a small crowd, so I desisted with the theatrics already. Instead of Get Huh (lululululululu!), the song of the day will be 'Nao Deu Pra Credita', by the Brazilian group Barbatuques. It would be hard for me to describe this song better than (or even as good as) Moebius Rex does on his webpage (which is where you need to go listen to the song, just so we're all clear), so I will steal one sentence from him and let you read the rest of his description yourself. "Imagine an attempt to create a seriously tweaked all-beatbox version of a worldbeat techno trance tune and you're almost there." I listened to this song because I was curious, but it's Great, so I pass it on now to you. [psst, the song isn't on top, so you'll need to scroll just a little bit]

Last night we watched the Lost finale, which Tivo Dennis had picked up for us Wednesday night, and I want to say two things about it: **SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT**. 1) The guys in the boat are The Others?? They are Not what I would have imagined The Others to look like; they look like homeless people. I mean, they Were fairly menacing in a group, but shouldn't The Others be a tiny bit more otherworldly or something? 2) YEEEHAW, they took Walt! That kid is annoying and I hope The Others keep him for a long time. Really my preference would be that he never comes back, but I'm thinking they'll have him reappear at some point, dammit.

Francisco and I are taking Sharky out for dinner, because today was his last day of junior high, and he did well on his end of grade tests. Francisco bought him a movie he's been wanting, and we're taking him to dinner tonight to a nearby Japanese place that he loves and which is always his first suggestion when we're talking about going out. Hopefully he will feel celebrated, and I'll tell you, I can't believe he's finished with junior high; time is going way too fast. When he came to live with us, he was 8 and starting 3rd grade, and now he's almost 14, is going to start high school, and is taller than I am (the thrill of that hasn't worn off for him yet, either). And then there's that upper lip fuzz which is still creeping me out, but which has fortunately not yet become thicker and more mustachey. Oy, when he starts to shave, I'm afraid I might have some kind of a breakdown.

Three day weekend! That is very exciting, even though I have no concrete plans for any of the days. I'm taking some work home and will have to do it, though I don't want to, because I've gotten behind and need to quit semi-slacking until I'm completely caught up. So I have the work and the usual weekend stuff, but hopefully we can also go for a hike, and make good foods for ourselves, and maybe play some games.

Esther only had half a coughing fit last night (just a few short wheezes), so she seems to be almost back to normal, the poor thing. She and Lucy continue to give each other the Hate Face when one of them gets attention while the other one is sitting right there, and it's nice there are some things that don't change.

Gotta go; have a great weekend!

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