OTHER things I did this weekend


Right. So in addition to my partying with 21 year-olds this weekend, we had fun playing dominoes with my coworkers on Saturday. We also walked to Goodwill on Sunday, which was more fun for me than for Francisco, since he 1) didn't get anything there and 2) got tired out from the walk because he's still battling that flu. This particular flu has a really prolonged healing period, which has come as a surprise to Francisco, even though he saw how long it took me to get over it. I think he thought I was being a big baby, but now he's the big baby, poor thing. He's feeling a little better though. At the Goodwill I got two sweatery shirts (cute), an exercise type shirt, and a jacket. After the Goodwill we went next door to the Fred Meyer and both got a pair of jeans--I got another pair like the ones I wore last week, except these are a bit lighter blue. Shopping trip: Successful.

Yesterday after I got home from the bars [THAT doesn't sound good], I made macaroni and cheese, but Francisco chopped the onions and grated the cheese; I think he was afraid to allow me to wield sharp things (probably justified). It turned out pretty well, from what I can remember. On Sunday afternoon I made my world famous artery-clogging brownies and put the recipe and instructions on Flickr, so that everyone can make them, should they choose to. Warning: The brownies are both extremely delicious and extremely fattening; they always go over like crazy at potlucks and stuff. Enjoy at your own risk.

Ohhhhh, I wish I had a big fry-up breakfast right now--that would be a treat and just the ticket for this hangover. My stomach keeps alternating between hungry and flip-floppy nauseous, and it's switching back and forth pretty quickly. That's my main hangover symptom today--I don't have a headache or anything else other than being tired from not sleeping very well. I'm sort of surprised I even have the stomach, actually, because I drank 80 ounces of water between getting home and going to bed--one would think that would cure everything, but I guess not.

ANYway, the only other thing I did this weekend, of note, was knit about 2/3 of that hat I'm making Francisco. I also did laundry, but that's not really of note, now is it. Answer = no.

Seriously dudes, somebody fax me a big fried breakfast. LOVE YOU.


PS Oh, yesterday when I said Nate was slapping me in the face, he was really just tap-slapping (gentle-like), but it was really funny for some reason. I doubt anyone was worried for my well being and whatnot, re: the slapping, but I just thought I'd add some clarification.




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