the hissing, the hissing!


Two things--the ottoman is finished except for my part of sewing the cover. And can I say, who knew foam was so expensive?! I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but jeez, we could've Bought an ottoman for the amount we've spent to make it, though probably not one as huge as ours is going to be. It'll be our Other xmas present to ourselves.

And Tivo? Kicks ass. I love Tivo, a lot. One of my favorite features is how it pops back to the right place if you fast forward too far through the commercials. I also like how it's already recording things it thinks we'll like, though why it recorded a Tales of the Crypt episode I couldn't say. I wish Weetabix hadn't already named her Tivo the world's greatest Tivo name ever (Ricky Fitts), because I love that and want it for myself. It makes me jealous.

Going home now to get the Boy ready for his trick or treating, and also to put on my half-assed vampire costume so I can scare the children who come to the door. My second in command boss laughed when I told her we were going to scare the children and said she heard someone on the radio today say that people shouldn't do that. I asked her who said it and she said Joe and Terry Graedon. Pfft--I've never liked them. People scared me when I trick or treated as a kid, and I turned out fine. [shut up, I did] And anyway, nothing any person did scared me as much as being chased by swans that one year. In the dark. I could hear them hissing behind us and it was terrifying. I would far rather be fake-menaced by a half-assed vampire than chased in the dark by swans, believe you me.

Oh! My parents and Francisco's mom are all coming out for Xmas, and how festive will that be? Very festive, that's how. I can hardly wait.

Have a great night and weekend,


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