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I just read something so scathing yet so true it took my breath away. It's from America; The Book, which YES I'm still reading. It's dense! Anyway, it's in the section on media; it's one of the equations for determining newsworthiness (p. 155).

Body Count Conversion Rate:

2,000 Massacred Congolese = 500 Drowned Bangladeshis = 45 Fire Bombed Iraqis = 12 Car-Bombed Europeans = 1 Snipered American

Oh man, how sadly true.

Anyway, today we went for dim sum and ate too much (duh). We had not one but two rounds of the sesame balls (whose Chinese name we asked for and got in both Cantonese and Mandarin but have already forgotten), and they are confirmed as the best food ever.

Also on the subject of food, last night I made what is possibly (probably) the greatest batch of ho-made macaroni and cheese in the history of macaroni and cheese. I made a double so we're having it again tonight, and Francisco was at a big shooty shoot yesterday for the entire day (7:30 am to 10:30 pm) so this will be his first round of the stuff anyway. Can I tell you what the secret mac and cheese ingredient is? Onion. True story. Kraft fans cringe at the heresy of onion in mac and cheese, but it is Crucial. When I told this onion thing to the AtomicFriends last week, they recoiled in horror, and I felt the compulsion to FedEx them all servings of the ho-made mac and cheese, but rationality prevailed. I hope they know the next one of them to visit us will be served ho-made macaroni and cheese; they can count on it.

The recipe I follow for the mac and cheese is from the Betty Crocker Cookbook, which I found abandoned (at my college) almost 15 years ago and have kept solely for 1) the mac and cheese recipe and 2) several cookie recipes (oatmeal, lemon bars, etc). I don't remember making anything else from that book, unless it was something like tuna casserole. Betty Crocker food isn't really our thing, but of course there is Nothing Wrong With It.

Lately the Boy has been taking all his frustrations out on Esther, except not really. He pretends to hit her, but he's only trying to get my goat. If I say, "Boy, you need to finish your homework", he'll say "Stupid cat!" and fake hitting her. I try to guilt him by telling him Esther loves him So Much, but he knows I'm lying. She barely tolerates him. But it's funny, this "stupid cat" business. It's gotten so we're all saying it now, whenever something vexes us.

This morning I woke up with a severely pained neck/shoulder. I must've slept funny, because things are really screwed up back there. When I turn my head to the right, shooting pains. Stupid cat! I hope it stops hurting soon; it's pretty distracting.

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