is a little blind faith too much to ask?


I learned something about Andy Dick this morning. He is my age, 36, and he has three children, one of whom is a 14 year old boy. I am still absorbing this information, and I'm not sure how long that's going to take. I mean, Andy Dick is a parent? It should be noted that I think Andy Dick is hilarious, and I don't care what Anyone says to the contrary. I just can't imagine him being responsible enough to have children.

I'm loving that Radio Active station, still. The DJs barely talk, and when they do, it's fairly interesting. Monday and yesterday when I heard the weather report, the weather was described as "crap". Yesterday the guy said the weather was crap, but it might be nice for a little while. He summed up the weather thusly: ", crap this morning, a brief window of sunshine, and then crap." I think I love him.

The office, except for me and one other person, went to a baseball game today, as is our annual tradition. It's my annual tradition to stay in the office, because the few times I attended the games it was a misery for one reason or another. Even if I'd wanted to go, I have too much to do, so it's good I didn't want to. We had a meeting this morning about our job candidates, and though everyone in the meeting said they voted for the same person (not Golf Boy) the boss apparently really wants to hire Golf Boy, so I think he's probably going to do that, despite what the rest of us want. Which is fine with me at this point, because this morning I flat out said I didn't like Golf Boy, so if the boss hires him and he turns out to be a disappointment, at least I'm on record as having bitterly opposed him.

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I'm going to start a new thing. When students drop in on me, I'm going to pretend I'm on the phone when they first enter my office, and I'm going to say something weird before hanging up and greeting them. I think the first time I do it, I'll steal from the Simpsons and say, "the ventriloquist goes to Heaven, and the dummy does NOT!", before slamming the phone down. There are Tons of things to say, though, and I look forward to the creativity of the enterprise.

Can you tell I've got nothing to talk about? I've been working a lot and not doing too much other than that. Also, I feel quite uninspired.

I give up.


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