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You should really be So jealous of me. Last Thursday I ordered Leslie Hall's cd, and this afternoon Francisco called to inform me the cd had arrived, along with a HAND-WRITTEN NOTE FROM LESLIE HERSELF. He read it to me, and I don't remember now what it said, except it contained the words "bling-bling". Which is actually just one word repeated twice, but you know what I mean. A hand-written note! It feels like a blessing from the Pope himself, except better, because I don't really like the Pope very much--he's bossy and shrimp-shaped, and he doesn't even have gold pants. His hats are good, though, but I digress. Cd and hand-written note; WOO!

I had a cappuccino again this morning. The cappuccinos really aren't as delicious as they could be, but at least they're free and are available right here in our building. The thing I like best about the machine [which I've just christened Lenny] is when it's making whatever you requested, the little screen says, "YOUR BEVERAGE IS BEING PREPARED". When it's finished it says, "ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE!". Thank you, Lenny; I will.

This morning my boss came into my office and said he had some news that would delight me. I got nervous, but as it turned out the news was merely that he got a call about my conflict of interest statement, from some audit-type guy or other. It's no biggie; the boss just had to vouch for my credibility and yadda yadda, but hello, it took them long enough! I sent that in on November 5, so almost 3 months later, they're getting around to investigating me. The guy asked my boss to ask me to please not itemize gifts received on any future conflict of interest statements, because mine was the second longest they've ever received, and it's a pain in his ass. Well, shit, that was all I ever wanted! Mission Accomplished.

Listen, you can do what you want, but if I were you, I would leave here right now and download the Aixotic Sambistas' Samba Batucada. It's a free and legal download, and it's music to which you can shake your booty. Highly recommended.

Our weekend was very low-key. It was supposed to snow 3-4 inches and ice over, but all we got was ice and that was mostly all melted off by late yesterday afternoon. We went for a walk yesterday, and to the store, briefly, on Saturday morning, but other than that we stayed in. I worked on the baby blanket I'm making for my friend, and actually before I worked on it this weekend, I completely unraveled it first, because I was making it with two different yarns and had realized I really didn't like the way it was turning out. I started over with just the one yarn, so it will only be one color, but it looks way better and now I'm actually Happy to work on it, rather than thinking "wow, this looks awful", while knitting. It's a little over 1/3 finished, so hopefully I'll be able to mail it in a week or 10 days, and hopefully my friend will wait to have her baby before then and not SELFISHLY go into labor early.

Francisco had to take Esther back to the vet this morning, for that follow-up blood test to check for hyperthyroid [insert cash register sound here]. It didn't take very long; they just took her blood and gave her back to Francisco. Our vet is about a 20 minute drive from us, and we've considered switching to a closer vet (especially after we found out that the vet who was formerly at our current clinic was at the closer vet clinic), but what has kept us at this particular vet is how much they really love cats. It's an all-cat vet, and the way they handle our girls (gently, though firmly if need be) makes me trust them and want to keep going there, because if you have a cat or dog (or guinea pig, or fill-in-the-blank), don't you sometimes wonder how they're treating your cat or dog (or etc) when they take them into the back room? I found that worrisome until we started going to this vet, but now I don't worry because whenever they have to take the girls in the back, when they're finished and the girls are returned, they don't seem scared or traumatized (and Esther always has her customary "happy tail"). This is worth the extra driving to me.

Work is heating up a little bit, but if I were caught up I wouldn't be feeling harried. Since I am Not caught up, this job is making me thirsty. Must get caught up this week! Oy.

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