Hello Luvvies,

This morning I got up early, but instead of going to the gym I took a walk around town, with my camera and tripod. There were some places I wanted to photograph in the dark, due to their nighttime lighting, so those were my main focus, but I tromped around to other places as well. I think this is my favorite picture that I took this morning:

beer garden

Mainly I like the umbrella shadows. It was fun to walk around while most of the town was asleep, or at least indoors, and I felt as safe as if it were daytime. Have I mentioned I love it here? Oh, I have?? Excellent.

This is neither here nor there, but you know how much kids love boots and want to wear them with everything? I think that's funny and I sort of wish it would be acceptable for me to wear boots with everything. Cowboy boots seem to be the big favorite with kids, but rubber boots are obviously beloved as well. Julian showed up at our house last night (at about 8:30, which seems a little late for him to be out alone, but whatever) and he was, once again, wearing boots. I've never seen him in any other footwear, though this time the boots were on the correct feet, which they usually aren't. Julian wanted to play video games with Sharky, and when we told him Sharky's PlayStation is broken (LIE), he wanted Shark to come over to his house and play on his game machine (unsure which one Julian has). I forget which games he said he has, but they are all EXTREMELY inappropriate for a 4 year old kid; it's crazy. Also, I think he was calling me a bitch last night, because he kept saying "beach" when I was teasing him, but when we tried to follow up on this beach thing it was clear he wasn't talking about an actual beach. What a funny boy he is.

Listen, can I just be sappy for a minute? The answer is Yes--this is my diary and I can do what I want. Anyway, I just want to say thank you to those of you who leave, or have left, comments; they are very encouraging to me and I'm not sure I've said that before, or at least not recently. [sidebar: Stephanie, thank you so much for your comment. I've been reading your blog but it won't let me leave you a note. I love that we talked about Children of Men on, like, the same day. Or close. And I, too, loved Talladega Nights. /sidebar] I haven't been spending as much time on the internet as I used to, due to busy work stuff, and I feel like I'm losing touch with people's blogs, Flickr pictures, and etc. It's bothering me, so I'ma see how I can organize my non-work time better so I can keep up with the people I care about. So anyhow, just.....thank you.

Today I'm wearing a skirt and sandals. 73 degrees, Babies! I had to change to different underpants when I went home at lunch, because little did I know those first underpants would be so...migratory. They're fine with pants, but for whatever reason with a skirt they started wanting to roam, and I couldn't have that. As I was walking home, someone spoke to me from a car; she said "hey HEY hey...". I didn't get a great look at her and I have no idea who it was, so it's kind of a funny mystery.

Poor Francisco has Sharky's cold so I canceled having our coworker and her kids over for dinner. She wasn't offended and we'll reschedule for another time. I hope Francisco feels better tomorrow for our trip to the peninsula to see his mom/sister/family.

Breaking News: Francisco just called and said Sharky has some event at the school tonight, so he'll be gone all evening and we are free as birds! This is v. exciting; I wonder what we'll do. Whatever it is, I'm just positive it'll include dinner, and that's good because my stomach's growling already.




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