Francisco's been spending his days off this week planning our Hawaii vacation. We talked about our plan for visiting 3 islands, and he proposed that instead of doing that we spend our time on the big island, because there's more than enough to see and do there, and the vacation might feel more relaxing if we don't keep flying around places. I think that's a very good idea, so he's been making us hotel/lodge/B&B reservations (we're staying at 4 places on different parts of the island), and I'm getting quite excited. For our last two nights he booked us into some kind of fancy pants all inclusive resort place, and I think that'll be a good finish to the vacation, especially since our last full day there is our 20th anniversary.

I asked one of my student coworkers if she'd be interested in cat/house sitting (for pay, not for free) while we're gone, and she said yes. She said that her family always had cats while she was growing up and that she has experience administering medicines and whatnot. I specifically chose this student coworker to ask because she seems very responsible and reliable and she's quiet and basically I just think she'll be great at babysitting Esther. We've exchanged some emails about the gig and at one point she said that she wouldn't be able to be with Esther when she's at class or work [which, come on, how cute is that? I wasn't expecting her to be there constantly] and I said that it was fine and I'll just leave the backpack carrier out and she can take Esther to class with her. Then I felt compelled to specifically tell her that was a joke, lest she think I'm a lunatic. Because let's face it: I AM more than halfway to Crazy Cat Lady status. We all know it and there's no need to pretend otherwise.

No huge plans for my weekend. Francisco works (he's back on day shift; not sure if I mentioned that before, but it's so nice to be able to see him in the evenings) and I will watch Frannie for a little while tomorrow morning while Lou's soccer game is happening, and otherwise this weekend I will be doing chores and making lists. Oh, and ordering swimsuits: It's time. I didn't end up losing a significant amount of weight like I planned to, but that's hardly surprising because I haven't been exercising much. I'm eating healthy foods, but those alone are not cutting it. Anyway, no big deal, but I will be resuming exercise again post-haste so that when we're hiking and doing other physical things in Hawaii, I'll have more stamina.

Are you all tired of my Hawaii blather now? Yes? Mission Accomplished! Heckuva job, Brownie. In other news, I've noticed that my shingles pain has diminished somewhat (still hurts a lot, but less), and the blister thing on my spine has (per Francisco) gotten smaller. Plus, I didn't get any more blisters, so I can still consider myself rashless. Hooray for Acyclovir! The diarrhea it's given me is more than repaid by the reduction of pain. TEVA Pharmaceuticals, feel free to use the previous two sentences in your advertising campaigns. You've earned it.

Okay, back to work.




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