I think I have little weenie poisoning


There are some websites I visit daily that were politically very vocal before the election, in an anti-Bush way, and that have not updated since the crushing election outcome. I am a bit concerned and am forced to assume the site owners are sitting around, unwashed, in stained underpants, guzzling bottles of vodka and crying while listening to Pedro the Lion. I sent an email to one of the sites, to offer encouragement, but of course have not heard back (didn't really expect to). What I want to say to the updaters of the sites is, GET UP. You've been knocked down, yes, but do you intend to lay there for much longer? I Fully understand how depressing and unsettling Bush's win is, but should we all wallow for the next 4 years? That's would be an enormous amount of vodka. I was thinking the other night about the country and our current leadership, and though I truly believe George Bush to be dangerous to our country and others, it's not like he's Idi Amin. He's not Stalin, or Pinochet, or any of those other infamous leaders who murdered the citizens of their countries and/or attempted land grabs. We still have it pretty good here, and at least we have the luxury of being able to say we despise Bush, as well as so many other freedoms we take for granted. I am very worried about the freedoms Bush is attempting to eliminate or curtail, but the only thing we can do at this point is scream loudly in protest at his every attempt, and it's really hard to do that from a reclining position. Screaming from the diaphram requires good posture, am I right?

I guess it's pretty annoying for me to tell other people to GET UP, and I'm positive I'm a huge jerk for expecting others to follow my personal wallowing schedule. I do Intensive Wallowing, which is relatively short but extremely rigorous, and I seem to get over bad things in a shorter period of time than some people do. I expected to be distraught over the election for a lot longer than I actually was. I wept bitterly and agonized and moped and shut down all functions that were not "breathe in, breathe out" and railed and yelled and thought murderous thoughts and hated everyone, and then I started to feel okay again and I looked at my watch and it was, like, 3 pm on November 3rd. Anyway, I'm totally digressing, and if people want or need to wallow for longer, that's okay, but don't wallow forever, because there's work to be done. And lay off the vodka, already; you're only hurting yourself with this rambunctious behavior.

Why did it take me so long to discover the fun of posting on Craigslist? On Wednesday, in addition to my "experienced police whistle player available" ad, I posted this (as long as I was already thinking about it, you know), and this, which might seem like a joke, but YOU know I'm totally serious. I've had two emails about the reserve husband posting; one from a guy wanting to apply for the job, and one from a woman who said she wants one too. I am currently attempting to foist the one on the other; I'll let you know how it goes.

Okay, this is hilarious. You have to click each image to get to the next one, and keep clicking, because it gets funnier and funnier.

Also, I didn't realize until just recently that my friend Miles, in addition to being one of the smartest and quickest and funniest people I know, is quite a good poet. He's doing a project for November, kind of like NANOWRIMO, where he writes one poem per day and posts it on his blog. And WOW, he's Good! Who knew? Not me, that's who. Go read the poetry; you'll like it even if you don't normally like poetry.

The Boy's cold really stepped up its coldiness yesterday; he feels terrible. We let him stay home from school today and I stayed home with him this morning. I got almost all my weekend chores done while home, which will free up the weekend for the mass production of ornament exchange ornaments, as well as giving me more time to work on the scarf exchange scarf (as well as the three other knitting projects I have going) and the altoid tin project. There are just so many good things to do in life! I wish I had more time.

I have other things I could tell you about, but none of them are so fascinating they Must be told now. And I'm outta time now, so I'll talk to you later.


PS Oh wait. I ate an ungodly number of small weenies in barbecue sauce today--that is something you Must be told. Send paramedics. |


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