you'll have to taste it


Today when driving back from taking Boy to camp, we stopped and had the Best Barbecue Ever! It was Carolina barbecue (of course) and it was perfectly vinegary and the coleslaw was good too. The restaurant was in a small town and was kind of rednecky, as evidenced by the waitress who, upon delivering one sweet and one unsweet iced tea to the table next to us said, "I don't know which is which. You'll have to taste it." Tea is gross, but I enjoyed overhearing that.

We're both exhausted today because we had to share a double bed last night, which would have been okay if the mattress hadn't been really hard and the bottom sheet just a flat sheet tucked in. I hate that 'flat sheet masquerading as a bottom sheet' thing very much because it wads up in the night and is uncomfortable. Anyway, when we got home we resisted taking naps and instead watched the whole first season of Strangers With Candy, that we ordered from Amazon. I love that show; it is brilliant and hilarious and I want Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert to be my best friends.

Today I had some iced coffee (not Starbucks frappaccino stuff, but like that) and the company had trademarked the phrase "Wake Up Your Real Self". I think that's ludicrous and I urge everyone to use that phrase as much as possible.

It's my sister's birthday today--she's 30. My baby sister is 30 and that makes me officially old, but I knew this day was coming and invested in some valiums, just in case. Go say happy birthday to her, if you've got the time and inclination. I'ma call her tonight and see if I can catch her after work. I hate living 3 hours ahead of the west coast--it makes calling so awkward on weeknights.

Boy practically shoved us out of his camp today when we were dropping him off, so I'm not worried that he's homesick or anything. He saw some people he knows and was feeling right at home within a couple of minutes. There's a very odd nurse there this year; she's got a strong grandmotherly air about her and would drive me crazy in a matter of seconds if I had to work with her, but since I don't I could enjoy her as a piece of performance art. I doubt Boy will need to see her during his 2 week stay, but I'm a tiny bit worried that he might have a contact lense mishap such as what happened on Saturday night. He was very tired and kept saying he couldn't get his lense out. What he was doing was going in for the pinch and remove but his eye would roll down at the last second and he would touch the white of his eye instead of the lense. He was insisting that the lense wouldn't come out and refused to believe that he wasn't getting anywhere near it. After watching him for awhile and seeing him get more and more frustrated, I swooped in and took the lense out myself. This is the first time that happened so probably he won't have any problems at camp, but even if he does I would think Someone there wears lenses and could do the removal if need be.

Today I found a freak hair on my left bicep that was 2 inches long. It was very fine and very blonde and I couldn't see it, but I felt it, and pulled it out. I need to start a collection, because this isn't the first freak hair I've had.

I think I have water trapped in my ears from swimming last night. Why must every good thing have a drawback?


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