let's talk about me for a change (insert wry face here)


I haven't been updating because mainly all I had to talk about is how I really don't feel well and how depressed (for real depressed) I feel about the whole thing. I know that is boring to read about. Last night I gave myself a pep talk and today I feel a bit better (both mentally and physically). And this morning I got a call from Doctor's nurse, who told me my blood and poo tests came back normal, so Doctor is diagnosing IBS. He wants me to come talk to him again about IBS and what to do now (will see him Monday morning), and already I have a long list of questions, including "can I have Rifaximin, which Wikipedia says is helpful to some IBS people?" I will also be asking for a referral to a dietician who can help me figure out what to eat. So far I have noticed problems with: Soy products (have talked about this already), chocolate, whole wheat, popcorn (the hulls), high fructose fruits, yogurt, and one of the following: Oats, peanut butter, brown sugar--I tend to suspect the sugar. Oh, also bananas give me a headache; go figure. ANYway, I want to talk to a dietician who can give me a list of Okay foods, because looking at the list of Not Okay foods (on the low FODMAP diet) is cry-making.

And, what with my resolution to go Full Hippy on this IBS thing, I have scheduled an appointment for tomorrow evening with [sorry, Juan. please do not stab yourself in the eyeball] a Medical Intuitive. Frankly, Internet, I cannot imagine anything hippier than seeing a Medical Intuitive, so I'd like to know what I win in the Biggest Hippy of the Year competition. I hope it's not a cake, because I can't eat that.

In Non-Health News: On Sunday we went over to the peninsula to Francisco's mom's house for her father's 90th birthday party. I knew it would be a heavily-attended event, but I didn't realize every single relative and some friends would turn out for it, and within 10 minutes I was overwhelmed and ready to go home. So many people! So many awkward conversations! SO MANY CHILDREN! I was ready to start calling the children names I made up for them [Samson, Melchizidek, Fat Tony], but I didn't get the opportunity, and then blessedly we were able to oozle out and go home. We were both exhausted. I had to work a half day on Saturday, so basically I only got a few hours of real weekend and can hardly wait for this next weekend to roll around. I hope the weather's nice so I can work in the yard. I should also start gluing things to my ring blanks, already. I have this little-ish fake bird I bought last week that has a flat underside (it's in a laying down position) that I really want to make into a ring but I'm hesitating because if it turns out to be too big, I'll have wrecked it a bit (at the very least it'll have a gluey bottom). I might do it anyway, or maybe I'll buy a twin for it so I'll have a wreckable one.

It's super windy today and I'm kicking myself for not digging out the military surplus goggles. It's also been raining, but I don't mind that because 1) I have a cute umbrella and 2) it is watering The Crops, as our vegetable garden is now known. There aren't very many crops planted at this time (our growing season is short) but we'll be planting the rest very soon now. Excitement! Oh and 3) I think the rain helps my allergies a little bit, like the pollen gets rained out of the air or something. This may just be wishful thinking on my part.

I need to hang up now and finish some work.




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