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This morning I dreamt I accidentally (still not sure how it happened) ended up as a contestant on American Idol. And not just a contestant, but a finalist. Anyone who has heard me sing knows how improbable this is, but at any rate, I was trying to win by finding the easiest song (all notes of the song in my ideal range) to sing, because it was down to me and some guy, and that guy could sing. I should add I've never actually watched American Idol, except for the very beginning of the second one when they were showing all the horrible singers, so I don't know how it works, but I was competing my ass off. I woke up before I got to sing, so I did not win, but before I woke up I was thinking I would have to make a run for it if I won, because there was no way I could really make an album, what with my limited singing talent. I would've been FOUND OUT, and that's no good.

On my yesterday list of things we did this weekend, I forgot to include the vodkas. I put ingredients into vodka (two different ones) to steep, this weekend, and I think they're both nearly ready. One of the vodkas has lemon zest in it, and the other has licorice bits in it, semi-dissolved. I don't think the licorice is going to dissolve all the way, so in a day or two I'll strain out what's left. I'll strain the lemon zest out of the other vodka at the same time, and then they're both going in the freezer where they belong. I really love putting things into vodka. I'll need to do more aquavit pretty soon, because we're almost out, and that stuff is Good.

I got my exchange scarf packed up this morning and Francisco mailed it out to Catie for me. I'm happy with the way the scarf turned out, and I'm glad I decided to unravel those 8 or so inches, after discovering a mistake I'd made, because now the thing is as close to perfect as anything I knit ever gets. Hopefully the person who receives it will not mind that I couldn't pick out All the grass bits from the yarn. I picked out as many as I could, but that grass is hard to get out sometimes. I love Lopi and I don't personally mind the grass bits, because they're Icelandic grass! From Iceland! There's just something about foreign grass bits that makes me happy.

This weekend I dug out my Spanish dictionary and book of verbs/verb conjugation, and I've been reading through the verb book. I've concluded I don't need no stinking classes--I can relearn this language on my own. In a week or so, after I've gotten all the document-updating done at work, I'm going to bring in the Spanish dictionary and label everything in my office with their Spanish words, via post-its. I have a lot of weird things in my office, so it'll be more difficult than you might think. Naked doll bodies, for instance. I might need to ask Juan, my friend and pretend younger brother, about the Spanish translation of that one. I bet he would know, since he just went to a party where they meddled with naked doll bodies (not in a sick way, you pervs!)--Juan's blog links to pictures of this. Is it just me, or is that one of the best party activities EVER? I know I'm digressing here, but I don't care. Anyway, Spanish: relearning is on the agenda!

Francisco and I walked to the Whole Foods during lunch today, and we bought two cans of tahini, some dried parsley, and some turmeric powder. The tahini and parsley are for falafel, which Francisco has been on a roll with lately--the parsley goes into the falafel and the tahini gets made into the tahini sauce which, to be honest, I could eat all by itself because it's just that good. I Won't, lest I someday become fused to my couch, but oh I Could. Do not doubt my abilities.

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