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It is very hard to surprise me. Whenever anyone has planned a surprise party for me, I have known about it in advance, even if only by a few minutes, for whatever reason. But today I was truly surprised. I was working, working, working in a stressy, hurry-hurry sort of way, when "Lily" buzzed me from downstairs.

Lily: Your 10:00 appointment is here.

Me: [slightly irritated} Oh! I didn't know I had a 10:00. Okay, that's fine.

Lily: Could you come down and see him in the conference room? He's on crutches.

Me: I'll be right down.

So I pee first, because I really needed it, get the kid's file, and head downstairs. The conference room doors were closed, which would've seemed odd if I weren't so distracted, but I barrel on in, and there are all my coworkers sitting around the table, with decorations all over the place, and a cake, and food, and presents. I stop and stare, my mouth hanging open. It was several seconds before I could speak, and they just sat there laughing at me. I couldn't Imagine why they were throwing me a surprise party, since it's not my birthday or anything like that. So I said, "What for???", and they told me it was a shower because I'm a "new" mother. Holy shit, can you believe it? For one thing, how sweet is that? And for another, these people really like their parties. Any excuse will do, and that's fine with me.

We sat around having cake and food and beverages, and then they give me presents to open. I received:

One giant-sized jar of Nutella. I will be dead tomorrow, because I have no self-control where that stuff is concerned.

One pair of black thong panties--pretty ones. I will definitely wear them.

Some jelly bellies and a pair of swimming goggles for the Boy--he can have these when he's back from OR.

A nice picture frame

A collection of fun stuff from Bath & Body works, encased in a really cool vinyl zippy case. I Love the case, and the stuff inside is good too.

A set of smelly good stuff from the Body Shop--lavender stuff to help me sleep.

A set of "hot mama" coasters from Pottery Barn.

And--the piece de resistance--a $100 gift certificate to a nearby day spa. This is my favorite and I can't wait to look through the brochure and pick something out.

Seriously, can you believe this? They thought that since I didn't have a baby shower (as I did not birth Boy myself) they would give me a shower for the adoption. These people rock, they really do. See, this kind of thing is why I still work here. The workload stinks and it's a periodically stressful office, but overall, my coworkers are good people, even if they irritate me a lot at times.

It's fairly timely, because I forgot to mention it, but a couple of weeks ago we got the new birth certificate for Boy, showing us as his mother and father. It was sort of weird seeing that, but in a good way.

SO, that's my big news for today. My other news (which was previously my big news) is that our friends are arriving tonight from LA. They're staying overnight with us tonight and heading up to DC tomorrow. They'll visit some people up north and then come back down on the 12th and stay a couple of days. I can hardly wait to see them, and I wish we had a guest room, complete with comfortable bed and other amenities. As it is they'll need to sleep on our queen sized air mattress, and they don't mind that, but I would still rather have the full Martha Stewart set-up. Maybe at the next house we live in.

This weekend I have no fun plans, other than seeing our friends tonight and tomorrow morning, but I'm planning to come to work on Sunday and try to catch up. I've organized my stuff today in preparation for that, because there was crap all Over the place in my office, and I think this is the most disorganized and behind in my work I've ever been. Hence the extra day at work, and I think it'll be really good, though not fun, and make next week a lot more bearable.

One other thing: My cat is the world's biggest hedonist. I mean, all cats are hedonists, but Esther is their Queen. If you could see her writhing sensuously on the sofa, you'd agree with me.

This has been a kick-ass day, and I hope you have a really Great weekend.


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