Hello! I'm up super early because 1) Esther wouldn't stop her obnoxious meowing 2) Francisco gets up at 4:30 on days he works (like today) to start his 6:00 shift, which makes me want to get up and 3) I'm too excited to sleep anymore, because in a few hours I leave for Seattle, to see Craige and Jeff. I'm not the greatest Seattle navigator, so I'm a tiny bit nervous about getting around, but this time I have the GPS, Minerva, to help out, and I'm sure it'll be fine. Craige said she wanted to go to Uwajimaya, so I should be making a shopping list, which will include eel and bowls and coconut milk, but instead I am saying hello to you though you are probably not awake yet. What a nice surprise this will be for you when you Finally get out of bed! You are welcome.

We had Friday off and it's been a nice, relaxing weekend, except that it's been extremely hot. Our house has stayed tolerably cool, due to solid construction and good windows, combined with the air conditioner in the upstairs room, but woe to he who goes outside. Especially he who has to work and whose uniform includes a heavy bulletproof vest. Poor Francisco; the weekend brought several "animals in the roadway" calls. First it was emus, then bison, then yesterday a herd of cattle who had wandered into a housing development. I wonder what traffic-hindering animals today will bring.

The Shark is still here but he goes home tomorrow. At the start of his visit he was making an effort to be a good guest, but that has gone downhill in the three weeks since. Our guest room is littered with his clothes and shoes and trash and I can hardly wait for his stuff to be gone so I can restore the room to cuteness. I love the kid but I am tired of being used as a hotel, restaurant, and ATM. I want him to leave so I don't have to try and make his nocturnal vampire lifestyle work with our early to bed, early to rise lifestyle. They do not mesh. Basically, this relationship is much better from 6 hours away, so he will go home and we can start feeling friendly again: Problem Solved.

I could probably tell you more things but I need to start making lists and showering and doing things that need to be done before I leave. Starting with: Giving Esther her inhaler, because she is coughing right this minute.




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