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As mentioned last Thursday, we've been having us some weather here in Ellensburg. The snow we got on Thursday was extremely wet--it was like walking through a slurpee--and by Friday morning it had hardened into ice slicks. There was no snow forecast for Friday, but by noon it was snowing steadily, and by 3:00 we were having trouble seeing farther than a block away, with all the snow blowing around. The university closed at 3:45 and I trudged home with my tripod, having given up on the steam plant photo for the time being. It snowed all night and I guess we got about 8 inches. The beauty of the Friday snow is that it was the nice, dry, crunchy snow, so walking on it is no problem. Francisco and I took a walk on Saturday, to the Goodwill, and later we went out (drove) to The Tav, where we finally got Super Mother burgers (plus fries and pints of porter). The burgers were not Quite as good as the Screaming Jack burgers, from the Palace Cafe, but at $4 they were about half the price of the Palace Cafe's burgers, so I think they win. So that was our anniversary dinner, basically, and I was quite pleased with it. Yesterday we didn't do much other than go to the gym (did lower body weights and OUCH my legs) and to the grocery store. I knitted a bit and did some laundry and contemplated other things on my list but didn't get around to them. A typical weekend, except prettier, thanks to the snow:


freezy closeup


Tonight one of my coworkers is having a little party at her house, from 5 to 7, and Francisco and I are going to go. I adore this coworker; she's awesome. Also, I hope maybe she'll let me pay her to take care of the cats while we're out of town for Christmas (*fingers crossed*), because we still don't have anyone, and she takes care of other coworkers' cats on occasion.

Gotta bounce.



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