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Okay, this morning I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep, so I laid awake, hoping to lapse back into unconsciousness. I finally got up at 5:45, did some yoga, made coffee, packed my breakfast and lunch, and sat down with Francisco to watch a little news. This is when the thing occurred that has colored my whole day in bizarre shades of bright orange and green and yellow, with a little hot pink and aqua thrown in for flavor. We were watching CNN and they had some reporter in a cave in Iraq, interviewing people who were hiding there. I believe the people were Kurdish, and at first I was struck by the size of the one family the reporter was focusing on--they had 12 children in the family and the parents had only been married 14 years. So my brain was mulling that one over, and then the father proudly announces that one of his sons--I think the kid was about 5 or 6--is named Dick Cheney, after, you know, OUR Dick Cheney. The child stands up and grins toothlessly at the camera, and I'm looking at this sweet child with Dick Cheney's name, and that's when my brain gave up for the day. I could practically hear it say, "Fuck it, I'm going back to bed". After I stopped laughing hysterically and the tears stopped streaming down my face, I robotically got ready for work and came in here, and even went to get my teeth cleaned this morning, but it was all done without my brain. Because my brain is stuck in a loop, still trying to process the information that a little Kurdish child hiding in a cave in Iraq is named Dick Cheney. It makes me worry a bit that I'm so obsessed by this, because other people I've mentioned it to are like, "oh...yeah, that's odd", and I think maybe I've finally gone around the bend or something, with my I-just-can't-get-over-this reaction. Hopefully the obsession will wear off right quick, because I need my brain now more than ever.

I don't really want to talk about the war, because first of all, it's not really a war, since Congress did not vote to go to war, and they have to do that for something to be a war. I also don't want to talk about the "war" because I think I've been pretty clear that I do not support it and that I think of this whole thing as a huge diplomatic failure. I am sorry that people are dying and I wish they were not. I know that some people think those who do not support the "war" will probably change their minds now that some military personnel have died, but I'm not sure why that would happen. For me the deaths are confirmation that this thing is a really bad idea and should never have started in the first place. So, my opinion has not changed.

I do want to say that it's a little dumb for all the headlines about the sergeant who grenaded his own troops to read "MOTIVE A MYSTERY", because the articles all go on to name him as Asan Akbar, and I think assumptions can be made. He probably has a fairly unique perspective on this police action type thing, though of course he should Not be attacking his fellow soldiers. And one other thing, as long as I'm talking about it when I said I didn't want to: Francisco said something this morning that I hadn't thought of, but now that he said it I am convinced he's right. He said he thinks that once the bombing and stuff has ceased and the smoke clears, if the troops haven't found any 'weapons of mass destruction', they will plant them. They will plant them because the whole premise of bombing Iraq was over those weapons, and basically in order for the US not to completely alienate the entire universe, the bombing must be justified. They will find the weapons because they Have to find the weapons. I'm sure that sounds like a bunch of conspiracy theory bullcrap, but if you think about what the world's reaction would be if we did not find the weapons, after killing a whole bunch of people and wrecking Iraq, you can see why Francisco thought of that. It creeps me out just to think about the possibility.

Alrighty, no more about that. Except that I don't have a lot else to talk about. At work we are down to our pre-mailing crunch time, which is busy but is a cakewalk compared to April, which is when everyone calls me up and cries. So I'm really busy right now but I have so much more busy to look forward to. I watched some of the Oscars last night, and I sort of enjoyed them. I really like Steve Martin and his low-key hosting. I wasn't a fan of the over the top Whoopi Goldberg potty mouth hosting, because I would like to think people can summon some decorum when appropriate. And even though I oppose the bombing (I swear to you, this is the Last I will say about it today), I didn't approve of Michael Moore's little speech. It wasn't the right time for that; he needed to sit down and shut up. I loved Chris Cooper's acceptance speech, because he got verklempt when he was thanking his wife, and I like when people do that. I also like his acting, so there you go. It's annoying to me that Chicago got so many awards, but that's probably just because I haven't seen it. I hated Moulin Rouge so much that I'm now afraid of musicals. But Frank DeCaro said Chicago was like Moulin Rouge, only Good, so I might have to summon my courage and see it. I hadn't known that Catherine Zeta-Jones was pregnant again until I saw her last night. The dress did a good camoflaging job, though, because for a minute I was in doubt. Hey, I figured out the first good thing about winning an Oscar--you get to kiss Everybody on the way to the stage. I want to win one now, just for the kissing. And I would absoLUTEly get verklempt when thanking Francisco.

This weekend when I watered my plants I also gave them a little shower and then put them out in the sun for a little while. They looked so happy out there; I hope it did them some good. I know it did the cats some good to have sun to lay in the past few days, and I love looking at them laying there all squinty and blissful. Makes me want to join them like I used to do in my college days. I'd sometimes scarf lunch and run back to my dorm to lay in the sun on my bed for 45 minutes before my next class. Probably not healthy, scarfing food and then laying down, but I wasn't getting enough sleep then, and I would almost always take a little nap while laying there. Ah college.....I'm so glad I'm done with you. College had a lot of fun aspects and for the most part I enjoyed my time there, but I never want to go back. Unless it's just to take some classes for fun--That I want to do.

I need to be done with this entry now; I have to finish up some stuff and then head home. I love going home; it is my favorite place. Have a good night.


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