stress package


Last night I blithely visited Facebook, as I am wont to do, only to see that the Shark's fiancÚ [btw I know the accent-marked e won't show up for everyone, but I don't know how to stop my computer from putting it in] had posted the following: "plans have changed! the wedding is moved! to july..warm weather ill be skinny an the baby will be here! i can't wait!". I posted, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?". She posted "yeah me an my mom were just talking it will be so much less stressful In every way", and then her MOM posted, "Yes totally. It will be so much better. She will be done with beauty school and all settled in with baby and not so much stress". I did not post anything else because I was too busy being STRESSED about this change of plans. Reason: Francisco had to turn in his 2011 vacation dates request a couple weeks ago, and he asked for time off for the wedding which was supposed to be February 19th. All the other deputies turned in their 2011 vacation requests as well, and at this point it's pretty unlikely Francisco will be able to get time off in July so he's probably going to miss his son's wedding. Gosh I'm so glad this makes less stress for other people but I'm really quite fucking upset. I don't feel like I can ask her and her mom to NOT change the wedding date, because they've decided. They're a team and it's their show and they're running it and I guess we're just supposed to do what we're told.

I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed in general, and this change of wedding plans kind of put me into a tailspin. I haven't been sleeping enough or well (and today I've been awake since 2:30), which always makes me a little mentally ill; Francisco is gone to Spokane all week for cop training; I feel like I'm getting sick; there's an after-work event on Wednesday and the logistics are a bit tricky with that but I won't bore you with details; Esther's been very coughy the past few days, etc etc. Last night I took a Xanax to try and sleep better but it didn't do a damn thing other than give me a stomach ache. Tonight on my way home from work I'm going to stop at the store for a roast chicken and a couple other food things, but I'm also going to buy a bottle of that lavender baby bath stuff that moms say make their babies sleep well, and I'm going to use it my ownself tonight. I'll have a bath with the lavender stuff while drinking Camomile tea and maybe while bathing I'll listen to whale noises or something. MUST SLEEP. WILL TRY ANYTHING.

On a lighter note, yesterday at church was the annual children's holiday program, and it was pretty unintentionally funny. The kid who played Buddha had on an enormous turban, and I wish I'd had my camera because it was Killing me.

The next time I talk to you I will be well rested. This is my resolution.


PS Jen I'm already taking vitamin D.



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