Happy Tuesday, Stupid


Sweet fancy Moses, I am TIRED. The bony finger of blame is pointed firmly at Esther's furry head for the exhaustion Francisco and I are feeling lately, for she has been most disruptive when we are trying to sleep. It's partially not her fault, because she can't help it when she has an asthma attack or when, like last night, her stomach is upset from the antibiotic and she throws up Three Separate Times, ON OUR BED (though really, is it necessary to throw up on the Bed? seems like she could puke just as easily on the floor). However, she doesn't need to sleep on my pillow or get in Francisco's face, over and over again during the night, so that shit is her fault, except maybe not if it turns out she has hyperthyroid, as was indicated by her blood tests. They need to retest for hyperthyroid to confirm the first results which show the thryroid to be running a little hyper, so Esther will need to be taken back to the vet sometime this week. What a treat! And by treat, I mean horrible stressful experience for both Esther and whichever one of us drives her to the vet. The potential hyperthyroid is the only thing unusual about her blood tests--everything else was normal--but hyperthyroid could actually explain everything, even the weird lung spots (calcium deposits), so hopefully that's it. If she's got hyperthyroid I assume they'll give her some medication for it and we can all start actually Sleeping at night, and won't that be fabulous? Answer = yes.

But let me just say this: For such a dumb-seeming cat, she is pretty damn smart. When she has asthma attacks at night, I always wake up and pet her until she's done coughing, and then sometimes I let her get under the covers. Last night, after the fourth time she woke us up (3 pukes, one asthma attack), we were both pretty Done with her, so we kept pushing her to the foot of the bed, when she tried to walk up and get on our pillows and whatnot. After the grillionth time of pushing her to the foot, there was silence for a moment, and then that cat FAKE COUGHED [AGGRESSIVELY, Nicole] a few times (I can tell it's fake because it's dry coughing and she's got it under control--with the asthma coughing, her lungs are moist and bubbly and she coughs convulsively), after which she happy-footed it back up to the head of the bed to receive the petting she believed was her due. We fended her off again, prompting her to sneak-foot (this is what we call her super slo-mo sneaking) back to the head. I kind of sat up and stared at her and she kept her head turned away ("you can't see me, because I'm not looking at you"), and then I said to her, "That was the fakest fucking coughing I have Ever heard--it just makes me sick, Stupid!" After a pause, during which I flopped back onto my pillow, Francisco and I started laughing, because hello it was 4 in the damn morning and we were unbelievably tired and a little crazy and what I said didn't really make too much sense. If I can't start sleeping more at night, then I just don't know what.

Oh, but have I told you about our use of "stupid"? Because it's been a fixture in our household for, like, two months now. Basically we're all calling each other stupid, as in "I love you, Stupid"--it's an endearing term in our house, and we like it. My favorite is when we have exchanges like the following:

BOY: Will you hand me the Tivo remote?
FRANCISCO: Will I hand you the Tivo remote WHAT?
BOY: [eye roll and sigh] Will you hand me the Tivo remote, Stupid
FRANCISCO: [handing over the remote] That's better.

It cracks me up, though we try not to call each other Stupid out in public, because people would assume we were being mean to each other, when we SO aren't. It's just funny.

We were supposed to get snow on Saturday, and then that changed to a big old ice storm, which then changed to a smaller ice storm, and that's what we got. The trees and vehicles got iced over, but not heavily, so there weren't any problems with trees falling down or power outages, for the most part. Our general area also got winds that knocked out power for a few people, but we were fortunate to avoid that. We stayed in all day Saturday, and I also stayed in all day Sunday (Francisco went to the store for a few groceries). The only time I went out was to put beer and liquor bottles into the recycling bin on the back deck, which took only a few seconds each time, so it was a nice weekend. It's cold today too, but much warmer than yesterday.. I'm warm enough in the office except for my hands, which are Freezing--oh how I long for a naked back on which to place my icy hands. The shrieking would be tremendous, I'm sure.

A complication of the cold weather is apparently Francisco broke the driver's side window rolly thing when trying to roll it down when it was butt ass cold outside (the mechanism must've been frozen, because it wouldn't roll) , because yesterday morning when I tried to roll it down to swipe my card for the work parking lot, it wouldn't roll. I opened the door to swipe my card instead, and when I closed it, the window fell almost all the way into the door. I managed to get it rolled back up by pushing it up and holding it in place while operating the roll up button, but it wasn't sealed (fortunately it wasn't rainy yesterday). Francisco took it to the dealership to get it fixed this morning and they wanted more than 500 DOLLARS to fix it--this is retarded and I don't need to roll my window down, at that price. I can get used to opening my door to swipe the card, no problem, and Francisco messed around with the window and rolling it up and it's sealed now, so there won't be a problem with rain. The $500 estimate came on top of the $360 we had to spend today on other car repairs, the $700+ we've already spent in the past week for Esther's emergency vet care plus the regular vet visit and tests, etc, and Hello, Universe? Could you maybe lay off with the bills for right now? Because it's getting a little ridiculous. Especially with the cost of replacing the hard drive on our main computer that we also incurred last week (I forgot to mention that our computer kuh-rashed last week) and buying the external hard drive (weekend before last--when we had no idea we'd have all these other expenses). We're fortunate to have some savings to fall back on right now, but we're going to need as much in savings as possible if we happen to move in the summer, so it would be great to not have to pay for any other big things. Do you hear me, Universe, because I'm talking to you.

This weekend I finished a knitting project while watching Napoleon Dynamite (again) plus some of the commentary (again), and I can't stop loving that movie. Also, I was thinking about film commentaries in general, and while some are boring, mostly a person such as myself who wants to make films (albeit small, bad ones) can learn a lot, for free, because the director and minions Love to tell the problems they had on the film shoot and how they overcame them--stuff like that. Another thing we did this weekend was play a lot of Crazy 8s. On Saturday we played for the Ultimate Championship, the prize of which would be that on Sunday, the winner would be called whatever he/she wanted for the whole day. I won, so I requested to be referred to as Your Radiant Majesty, and that was nice but I sure didn't get called Your Radiant Majesty nearly often enough. On Sunday we played for the Ultimate Championship again, where the prize was $2 ($1 from each loser) and the Boy won that time, but he already owed us $3.50 from a different thing, so it was a hollow victory because he still owes us $1.50. HA-ha!

On a completely different topic, did I mention I'm in a band, as of yesterday? Max, one of the AtomicFriends, was looking to put together a band called The Ligers, and she's letting me be the bass player! This is just the excuse I've been looking for to learn to play the bass, so I am Very Excited.

The office got the new cappuccino machine today. I drank an espresso an hour ago and am now totally dizzy. It's a tiny bit pleasant, but mostly not and hopefully this dizzy thing won't occur every time I have that coffee. How am I supposed to be The Ligers' bass player with all the side duties of fast living and fast women (well, maybe not fast women) if Espresso makes me dizzy? OMG, what if I get kicked out of the band??

I have learned the secret of cutting down on television watching--it's actually very simple: Hire a 13 year old boy to come to your house and plug his Playstation into your television, and you will never have to worry about watching too much tv ever again. What with all of Boy's obsessive game playing (which, actually, we need to limit, but jeez, who has the energy right now?), I barely watch any tv at all, and as a result there are very few shows I care about. I watch The Daily Show, in the morning before work, something (Gilmore Girls rerun, or just whatever) during dinner, and that's about it except for the new Gilmore Girls, the new Losts (not watching the reruns) and Girl Ranch. I don't miss television and I think I could even cancel Tivo and the cable without missing it, as long as we could still do Netflix. Maybe someday.

You know what's a good website? The Covers Project. Thanks to that site I was able to figure out Nostalgia 77 performed the 'Seven Nation Army' cover I just heard on my favorite radio station, and knowledge is power. Thank you, Covers Project!

Dizzy. Have other work to do, real quick. Over.

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