still sick


I think I have the strep throat; I'm going to the doctor at 10:00 this morning to get my throat swabbed and find out for sure. Yesterday was a really fun day. I watched television and took naps and had fevers and sweated a lot after my fevers stopped. I didn't feel much like eating but I ate a little and drank a whole bunch of water, so I'd have plenty to sweat out during the aftermath of my fevers. Wait. Did I say it was a really FUN day? I meant a really crap day, sorry. I did two things that were actually productive, though they were both quite easy: I loaded a few pictures to Flickr and I burned my AtomicTonic exchange cds. Today I plan to package the cds for mailing, but I doubt I'll make it to the post office. Maybe Francisco will go for me if I ask real nice (the odds are good).

That's all for now.




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