she's not dead yet


I am all relief today. This weekend I got pretty worried about Esther, because I had noticed she wasn't eating as much as normal, and this weekend she started eating even less, and not drinking a lot of water either. When a cat is almost 17 and cuts back on the eating and drinking, it is Not A Good Sign. Fortunately Francisco was able to take her to the vet this morning, and they did some tests and found that 1) her kidneys are functioning just fine (that was a concern) and 2) she seems to have some sort of bacterial infection. They gave her a long-lasting antibiotic shot and a grizzly bear hump of subcutaneous water, because she was dehydrated. I will take her in on Thursday for a second grizzly bear hump--they want to be sure she gets adequately hydrated--and hopefully she'll make a full recovery. As I say, I am quite relieved. I was sure this was her final decline, and I was sad, sad, sad. I know she's going to go someday, but I'm so happy her midnight yowling days aren't over yet.

This weekend when I wasn't worrying, I purged a whole crapload of clothes from my closet, ordered 2 pairs of super cute sandals from Zappos, and bought 3 awesome skirts from the thrift store (all in great condition). I also found a package of 11 skeins of pink wool yarn for $10 and plan to use it to make my nieces' Christmas sweaters (they're going to be bolero style, which takes less yarn than a full sweater). I don't think it will be quiiiiite enough yarn for all three, so I'm going to get some grey yarn for the ribbing parts and hope that will be enough. If not, I'll think of something.

I also knitted some small things this weekend and updated my Ravelry stuff and did a lot of generalized futzing around the house. Oh, and yesterday morning we went to the tennis courts (about 1.5 blocks from home) and hit a tennis ball around a little. It was so much fun! Then it started raining harder and we went home, but I think that's something we'll do a lot of this summer.

Work is so busy right now. I'm writing this on my lunch hour and I need to cut it short so I can walk to the bakery and buy bread. But I'll talk to you again soon, hokay?




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