This nasty gun will knock the frost off an old granny!


Ooh Cat Babies,

I got my shoes from Zappos yesterday, and they're fabulous! They fit! I don't have to send them back! Look at these beauties:

new shoes

They're not quite that bright when a camera flash isn't on them, but I love the color and am looking forward to wearing them. They have a removable insole that makes them cushier and more close-fitting (or whatever), so for now I'll wear them with "trouser socks" [side note: when did these stop being called 'knee-highs'?], and when it gets cold I'll take out the insole and wear them with thicker socks. Perfection. I'm so glad I ordered them--they were on a great sale ($87, reduced from $120-something), but I debated about ordering them for 5 days, because I was concerned they wouldn't fit. I knew I could send them back with very little trouble, but still. I wonder how many times a person can order shoes from Zappos and return them before Zappos bans them as a customer. Does that happen, do you think?

Italian plums are apparently in season right now, so naturally I've been eating them like crazy. My parents' old house, where I grew up, had 2 big old Italian plum trees (plus 2 Bartlett pears, a couplethree apple trees, and a couple bing cherry trees), so I ate tons of those as a kid and really like them. When Francisco and I buy a place (whenever that will be), I want to plant an Italian plum, plus a pear tree, a Lodi apple tree (best apples ever), a peach tree, an apricot tree, and one or two cherry trees. I also want to grow grapes and blueberries, and a huge vegetable garden. Are you listening, Universe? I hope you're getting this down. One thing I love about living here is that all those things I listed that I want to grow, grow super well here. This place is like a freaking paradise, though my thoughts on that might change when I'm slogging through snow in January. I doubt it.

Oh man, I have another good story from work that I can't tell you, but I WILL say I have no idea how some of these students get admitted. See also: C R A Z Y. This school Rules.

Songs of the Day:

Fields -- Song For The Fields, at The Daily Growl.

LCD Soundsystem -- Tribulations, at Analog Giant

I'm keeping this short today since I blabbed so much yesterday. Peace out.

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