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I went out at lunch today to try and find spirit gum, with which to stick the adhesive moustaches (that do not adhese) to my face. I went to Jerroll's, which has all sorts of crazy things, because I thought it was a good bet they'd have some. I couldn't find any on my own, so I asked a guy who said he thought they had it. He referred me to some woman who didn't know what I was talking about. I told her it didn't Have to be spirit gum, but I was looking to use it to stick moustaches to my face. She asked another guy if they had any 'spear gum', and said it was so I could stick moustaches on my face, and at that point I started to feel like a bit of an oddball, especially since the guy said something like, "to the face? a real face?". Bottom line, they didn't have any, but they suggested other shops I could try, and I will try them, because I'm starting to really want to wear moustaches while at work. I mean, why NOT? I can't think of any reason not to.

So, I'm not sure if I told you this, but I'm a soccer mom now, except I'm not very good at it. Specifically I am terrible at tuning out secondhand coaching from other parents, because it bothers me so much. I don't have anything against a parent occasionally cheering or yelling 'good job!', but there are parents who yell advice at the kids during the whole game, and HELLO that's the coach's job. There was a guy on Saturday who basically yelled constantly, and his coachings had me so tense (from irritation) that I was practically in a permanent full body flinch. But then I was thinking how utterly stupid and inane and unhelpful the things he was yelling were and I decided to start writing them down so I could more efficiently excoriate him in this here diary. I took out my notebook and started writing, and within 15 minutes I had 5 1/2 pages of things he yelled (it would have been more except I didn't write down the repeats, and he definitely started repeating himself). Francisco scanned the notebook pages for me earlier today (I would've done it myself but Francisco had to reconfigure the scanner software--he updated our computer this weekend), and I present to you The Wit and Wisdom of Soccer Game Yelling Man:

[BTW, I realize posting this is a bitchy thing to do, but I received my punishment for it in advance; on Saturday someone kicked the ball out of bounds rather hard, and because I wasn't paying attention, I didn't see it flying at me until it was too late to dodge. It hit me square in the right tit, which is still a little sore. So as you see, I received my comeuppance in advance.]

backseat coach 1

backseat coach 2

backseat coach 3

I took a picture of the guy, too, but it was on the quadcam and I haven't quite finished the roll, so his photo is not available at this time.

Anyhow, that was our Saturday; mainly just the soccer game. Yesterday Francisco and I went to the Goodwill (as usual. I've started thinking of it as The First Church of Goodwill, since we go there every Sunday morning) and I bought 6 cameras; my largest haul to date. Purchased: Polaroid Automatic 215, Polaroid Automatic 220, Polaroid Swinger (going to try rigging it for regular film), Polaroid OneStep (gave to Greg, my coworker, this morning), a Time-Life camera, and a Canonet 19. I'm most excited about that last one, except the shutter is stuck, so I'm going to try desticking it with lighter fluid. The internet told me that would work, and I'm willing to give it a try. The Polaroid Automatic 210, purchased a couple weeks ago, is nonoperational, so if I can't get these new Automatics working, at least I'll have a set of 3 cameras I can mount to the wall as decoration. I like the way they fold out, with their bellows, and I think they'd be cool wall art. I also got a sweater at the Goodwill, and I was so tempted to purchase a Super 8 camera, even though I don't have any interest in making Super 8 movies, because it still had film in it, and WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD BE ON THAT FILM? I talked myself out of it, and I think that was a good thing. The only bad thing about finding so many awesome cameras at the Goodwill is I have too many, now, to fit in the dresser drawer they were living in, and need to find someplace else to put them.

In closing, diary, this afternoon I did my vomiting cat impersonation for a couple of my coworkers and one of them told me he'd give me money if I never did it again. It is THAT impressive.




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