very stuffy


Right now I am still in pajamas, sitting upstairs with my constant companion, Lucy, while Francisco is napping in our bedroom with Esther. He worked last night and works tonight but isn't sure whether he works at 4 or 6, because the 6 o'clock officer he'd be working with might be sick, which would mean he'd switch to a different officer who works at 4. He can't get ahold of anyone who could tell him what time he works because they're all asleep, readying for the night shift. Anyway, whatever: He works tonight and I am attempting to accomplish things while he sleeps. So far I've emptied the dishwasher and have done the dirty dishes, plus folded a load of laundry and put it away. I also did a bit of Christmas decoration organizing, because I will be putting ornaments on the tree this afternoon. First, though, I need to take a shower and go to the grocery store.

I'm not feeling quite my best because I'm still trying to get over a cold which struck me on Monday. I stayed home all week until yesterday, and after an hour at work I was wishing I'd stayed home yesterday too. Today at the store I'm going to buy some Nyquil, because enough is enough and how can a girl get adequate sleep at night when her subconscious is fruitlessly working on breathing through the nose? She can't, that's how. It is time for medications.

There's pretty much nothing to report to you at this time, considering all I did for most of the week was lounge around, blowing my nose and watching crap television. Hopefully something interesting will occur soon and I'll be able to tell you about it. Until then I bid you adieu.




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