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The past few evenings as I've been walking home, I've been struck by how pretty the windows of the steam plant look (I walk past them on my way). There's kind of an orangish glow that comes from the windows and there are twisty trees silhouetted in front of them, and I keep thinking I MUST take a picture. This morning I got up determined to do that, and I brought my birthday tripod for the purpose, as my previous attempts to take pictures in dark conditions without flash have all been blurry disasters. It wasn't the greatest morning for tripod-hauling; it was drizzling and the sidewalks were icy, but hopefully the weather will be good after work so I can snap me some pictures of steam plant loveliness.

[Several hours pass]

As I'm typing this it is snowing Hard outside, which thrills me, since I would much rather walk around on snow than on ice; better traction, you know. Earlier the flakes were absolutely HUGE; I guess they were clumping up together on their way down to form megaflakes. All the people who live in Yakima bugged out around noon, and good thing, too, because traffic was stopped on Manastash ridge and I guess they were stuck up there for awhile. About 10 minutes after the Great Departure, Rich (who lives in Yakima) called to say he'd forgotten his little plastic Buddha in his office. This is a problem, because he's become quite dependent on that little Buddha. I gave it to him a couple of weeks ago (it was part of my office decor--it's supposed to be a pencil topper) after he told me he'd been experiencing trouble napping under his desk because he was having, essentially, existential angst. I told him it would protect him from the bad thoughts if he held it in his hand while napping, so he started doing that and also put it in his pajama pocket while sleeping at night, and also started taking it everywhere with him in his pockets during the day. It's his good luck charm, basically, and he was gutted that he forgot it and he made me promise to go get it from his office and take it home so it wouldn't be alone in the dark all night. I did as he asked and will bring it back tomorrow. I hope the snow won't keep him from coming to work tomorrow, because I'm not sure how well he'll get through the weekend without Buddha.

I just got the word that the university is closing at 3:00, and I'm going to pack up. I guess I won't be taking that night photo of the steam plant today, so I'll just leave the tripod here and attempt it tomorrow, weather permitting.

Ciao, my lovelies.



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