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I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I don't like it when people tell me, "Have a blessed day". Because 1) I don't really know what that means, and 2) I can have a cursed day if I damn well want to.

Speaking of which, this morning I put on brand new black tights, and in the course of getting ready for work, they sprang a run. Since they're black I decided to put black nailpolish on the run, but since then the run has shifted. Because the nailpolish went through the tights when I applied it, I now appear to have a large melanoma on my inner knee area--this is not attractive. Also? I am SO going to buy those $18 tights! Cheapass tights are crap, especially ones from Walmart. Do not buy tights from Walmart, is my advice to you.

This morning when Boy was ready to go out the door and I was zipping around with no shoes on, Francisco called to my attention the Boy's tallness. Specificially he pointed out that when Boy is in shoes and I'm not, he's as tall as I am. Yikes! I had to run and put on 3 inch heels to make everything seem normal again. It won't be long, people, until he's taller than me, period, and that will be a weird day. He's grown 3/4 of an inch since September and he keeps bitching about his pants not being long enough. I have to frequently remind him we can't replace his pants every two weeks, so there will be times the pants do not drag the ground, as is the fashion of the day. He is not happy, Eddie.

But I am. What a good day this is! I mean, it's Friday, so duh, but it's been good in general. Tonight is Cocktail Friday at the old homestead (Perfect Rob Roy with a twist, of course) and all is right with the world. Yesterday when I came into work I saw one of my coworkers wandering around with a bowl of cereal, and another coworker was making toast in her office, and I thought, "this office does not suck". I mean, the JOB sucks, but the office is pretty cool, because we're not expected to maintain professionalism when outsiders aren't around to see. So that's something to be thankful about.

There's a website I really need to point out, because it's Great. It is The House of Wigs. I've been reading it for a few weeks, but just the updates, until yesterday when I went back to start at the beginning, and it's genius. Take this, for instance:

"The roadkill in this state is astounding. Dead things everywhere and I guess no one is really too interested in cleaning them up. Every day I have to pass the same deer on the side of the road. And then there痴 the raccoon whose little leg sticks out stiffly into the air. Like I知 not already emotionally distraught enough coming home from work, I have to see this zoological horrorshow, too.

And all I can think about is how I値l be killing some cute animal with my car in the next few weeks. Like, if you run the numbers you値l see I have a hundred-percent chance of running something down within the month, guaranteed. My best bet is that I値l plow through a mighty white wolf and his pack will circle around me, sniffing, then bowing their heads with respect, because whomever slays the head wolf becomes the new leader, and I値l learn their ways and customs, my senses growing ever keener, the thrill of the hunt flowing through my veins, and I値l instruct my children to search the side of the freeway for dead animals and eat them or move them or somehow get them the fuck out of my line of sight."

Do you see what I'm saying? Man oh man.

Something I like (this is neither here nor there) is when people spell "ever" as "EVA" for emphasis, as in "forEVA", or "4-EVA". Because I think, yes, that IS for me; thank you very much. Narcissism? What?

So, this weekend I have some serious scarf knitting to do, as well as figuring out a game plan for the Altoid tin project. Tomorrow morning Francisco is going to a gun show to get ammo supplies, and it's at the fairgrounds, which means that while he's getting chargers (chargers, Francisco?), Boy and his friend, Ryan (who is spending the night tonight), and I will be combing the flea market for good things. I figure the flea market is a perfect place to get the white elephant gifts for the family exchange on xmas eve, as well as other things a girl could want. Like, oh, I don't know. Doll heads, maybe? All signs point to yes.

One last Craigslist posting for the week. In your face, mom and dad! [just kidding]

Have a great weekend!
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