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Monday on my way home from work I stopped at the store for a gallon of milk (forgot to buy it on Sunday), and on my way out the door my eyes registered the giant gumball machine. FLASH: "It's the Catie-sanctioned week of whimsy!" FLASH: "I have two quarters in my pocket!" My feet had already carried me out the door but I walked straight back in the other one and bought a giant gumball. At home I cut part of it off with a knife to get a mouth-sized piece (it is just that giant), and chewed. It wasn't really all that delicious but I enjoyed it anyway, because it was big and I got it from a machine.

Have you noticed that once your brain gets into problem-solving mode (which mine has been in more or less constantly since our house offer was accepted--there's a Lot to plan for and think about), it will solve a thing you had completely forgotten about? I was at home for lunch today, minding my own business (which is to say, flipping through a Crate & Barrel catalogue) when suddenly my brain told me how we can finally frame the odd-sized Sailor Jerry Tattoos poster I bought online about 7 or 8 years ago. It's about 16 inches by 4 feet, and we tried to get it custom framed before, but it was going to cost more than $400. The poster has a red background on which is a bunch Sailor Jerry flash, and I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me before, but we could frame it by cutting it up into smaller chunks and framing the chunks separately, maybe in those clear frames with no borders, but not necessarily. Then we just hang the frames together, in the configuration the poster is supposed to be in, et voila! It won't look the same, but it just might look even better. I think I'd like to hang it with a tiny bit of space between the frames, but not so much that your eyes can't tell it isn't supposed to be all one thing.

My chin is working on producing a Zit of Unusual Size. So far the surface is not betraying this, but there are sinister things happening underground, as evidenced by some tenderness. People, if this thing is as big as I think it's going to be, my chin as I know it could be history. For a few days at least. I will keep your informed as events unfold.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and I'm afraid it could be the cold that's going around our office, but so far it hasn't progressed, though I DO feel tired. Before my shower, I put together one of our favorite dinners, the "pepper pot pork chops" that cook all day long in the crock pot, and while I was doing that I missed a call from Jen. Dammit! Gutted. I was up, Jen, but I foolishly had my phone on vibrate mode and could not hear the buzzy buzzy from the kitchen. I'll put my phone on ringy mode so I don't miss you if/when you call again, and no worries about calling early; I'm up at 5:00 every weekday. I'm not coherent until 5:30, though, so keep that in mind.

One of those cameras I bought for the film inside has basically died, even with new batteries in it, so I'll take the film out of it in a dark room and roll it back. or maybe I'll see if my fingers are dexterous enough in the pitch black to load the film into another camera without messing up the pictures that are already on there. I hate to waste perfectly good, unexposed film. Once the film is out and I've reclaimed the batteries, I'm going to throw the camera in the garbage, which is so unlike me, but I don't want to put this camera in with the others and forget it doesn't work. It's too bad, because it has a weird auto rewind feature; you can rewind a little and then stop the rewind--this could've been good for double exposures. Ah well.

UPDATE: As I was finishing up that last paragraph, Jen called again, while she was on her way to work tomorrow morning [International Date Line, you still boggle my mind], and it was So Much Fun to talk to her! The lag time between talking and hearing was a bit vexing and I'm shaking my fist in the direction of Australia--I'm in a fight with it for being so far away. Anyway, Jen is awesome and I totally get why her company is sending her around the globe rather than utilizing people already in the countries in question. I picture the Work Jen as being a cross between Mary Poppins and Mr. Wolf (Pulp Fiction); everybody loves her but she gets shit DONE.

In a few minutes I will leave work and on my way home will stop for kitten food and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, which by the way isn't fooling ANYone. I love being able to vary my route home slightly so that it passes the grocery store and will sort of miss that when I'm riding a bike to work instead, except that Safeway has bike racks so I can totally still stop there so what am I complaining about? Nothing I guess.

Talk to you later!




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