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Thanks to lisamcc, I have a new interest. Creepy doll heads! I bid on this one at eBay today and so far am the high bidder. If I win the auction, I plan to rig up a lightbulb arrangement (small, since the head is small) inside the head so the eyes will glow--I think a red bulb would be best. This could be the start of a beautiful, creepy collection, especially since there are so Many doll heads available on eBay. Scads, really.

I have the fantasy of someday having/running a Bed and Breakfast, and the fantasy includes each room being decorated in some weird way. Like, one room would be the gothic room, with heavy dark furniture, gargoyles, dark walls, and paintings with eyes that follow you everywhere. Another room would be the taxidermy room, where I would mount dozens of old (preferably decrepit) deer and other heads on the wall, plus stuffed foxes and other small mammals as decoration. They all MUST be old, because I wouldn't want any animals to be newly dying for my decor. And now I'm thinking one room in my fantasy B&B could be the creepy doll head room; preferably dolls without eyes, because they're the scariest.

The athletic "banquet" last night was even worse than imagined. There were far more people at the banquet than could fit into the cafeteria, and there was not spaghetti for dinner (I lost on that one, except no one bet against spaghetti, so I didn't lose anything); instead there was KFC. Chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans. The cafeteria was steaming hot and by the time we got food we were all sweaty and rather miserable. Boy stepped up his "can't we just skip out on this thing?" pleadings, and Francisco and I certainly didn't want to be there, so after we ate the food, we made a hasty escape and went home to watch a Gilmore Girls rerun. Oh Gilmore Girls, you make everything better.

I forgot to mention it earlier this week, but Francisco pulled a hamstring on Monday. He and Boy were racing, because Francisco made a deal with Boy that when Boy can beat him in a 440, Francisco will buy Boy an iPod. Francisco continues to beat Boy, but during the Monday races, he injured the hamstring with his exertions. It's getting better, slowly, but on Tuesday Francisco was walking pretty funny, and at his Tuesday night shoot-em-up, when Francisco was gingerly shuffling to the line to shoot at one point, a shooting friend of his said, "Looks like there's a new sheriff in town, boys". This caused all the other shooting guys to howl with laughter, and Boy and I were practically rolling around on the sofa in mirth, when Francisco related the story to us. It still makes me giggle a little, actually. I love funny people.

This weekend I'm going to make my AtomicTonic exchange ornaments--it's going to involve soldering, and I'm quite excited. I received (at my request) a soldering iron last year for my birthday, from my mom, and I haven't used it yet. The project I specifically wanted it for has been delayed until I can find the right damn ring blanks (I KNOW the blanks I want are manufactured, because I've seen them as part of finished rings; I just can't find them as blanks), so I'm happy to have another project to use the soldering iron in. We're going to Home Depot tonight to get the ornament ingredients, and tomorrow I will experiment with a prototype until I get it right. I also want to unravel my sweater and get the yarn ready to re-knit, as I've decided to use the Lopi in my scarf exchange scarf. No other plans (except cleaning and laundry) but I know I'll find plenty to keep me busy this weekend. We definitely need to watch some Netflix, because there are three we've had for 2 whole weeks without watching them, and that's silly.

Another thing that's silly is the stupid Conflict of Interest form I got today, AGAIN. The employer makes me fill one of those forms out every year, and it's ridiculous. If I was doing shady, conflict-of-interest business behind the employer's back, why the hell would I write that on the form? I wouldn't, that's why--I'd just lie and answer NO to every question. So this year, in answer to the question asking if I've received gifts from any person doing business with the employer, I checked YES and attached 2 pages with all the gifts from parents and students I could remember from the past 7 years itemized thusly:

"1 (one) electric water-boiling device—a “Hot Pot”—instructions entirely in Korean. We have it stashed away at home and have used it a few times, but basically it’s not that great.

1 (one) small candy item—a “Barrel of Monkeys”—took home and gave to my son, who is 13 (thirteen). I don’t think he’s eaten it yet (received quite recently), if you need to see it.

1 (one) delicious lunch, complete with glass of wine, at Verde, but this was after the graduation of the student in question, and I in no way anticipated the lunch invitation when the student was enrolled, so I did not feel accepting the parents’ invitation would be a conflict of interest. Verde has really good salmon, in case you ever go there. The fava beans are also quite good. I no longer have this lunch in my possession."

I gave it to the boss a few minutes ago, because he needed to sign it before I could send it in, and when he gave it back to me he said if I hadn't already checked YES, he would've advised me not to send it. Well duh, why do you think I checked YES before giving it to you?? He told me they'd probably call me in for questioning, and I'm thinking good; let them call me in and I can tell them how dumb the form is. I mean, if they want to waste their time on a come to jesus meeting for

"4 (four) frozen Sara Lee™ cakes, put into the office freezer and consumed by coworkers over a period of a few weeks."

...they can bring it on, and I look forward to that conversation. Silly asses.

I think that's about all I have today, and you would not believe how much work I've gotten done today, so far. I'd been slacking this whole week because I found it difficult to concentrate, but today EVerything is getting done. I'll go home with clear inboxes on my desk and a song in my heart. Or something. Have a great weekend!

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