OMG super drunk


Hello--drunk post, have I done this before? I'm not sure. I went out shortly after noon to meet up with my work friend, Nate, and his friends, for his 21st birthday. Francisco was going to go too but that flu I gave him is still making him feel poorly, so I went alone, and, well, I got rather drunk. I had a lot of beer (plus the Bacon Blue Mother, at The Tav -- super delicious burger) and a whiskey sour at the Starlight, plus a copy of some drink Nate ordered because it came with a gummy bear garnish and was like candy. So what I'm saying to you is I'm really quite drunk right now and it's pleasant except I need to sober up so I can have a normal evening and sleep responsibly, as I have to go to work in the morning.

Were I not fixing the typos as I go along, you would see exactly how drunk I am, but I'm tricky like that.

Anyway, the funnest part of today, for me, is how Nate was slapping me in the face repeatedly at The Starlight, since he was super drunk also. Here are some pictures of him, on his 21st birthday:

with table tripod, even

at the Tav

at the Palace bar

He's awesome. Happy Birthday Nate!




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