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I have the most gorgeous wallpaper on my work computer right now. It's a stretched-to-fit (and therefore pixilated) picture of the ebola virus, with some kind of stain, so it's a bright green/yellow/orange/red sort of affair. I'm talking really beautiful, here. It's making me very happy. I was downloading black and white pictures of ebola this morning, because I'm going to choose a few of the higher resolution pictures to blow up to 8x10 and hang in black frames, but it ended up being the viruses with stains that really knocked my eye out. There is beauty in everything.

Oh lord, I am SO bossy. Some guy was just riding his bike past the office (I can see the street through the window, from my desk) and he was pedaling fast but not getting anywhere, and I had to stop myself from opening my window to yell "Shift up!". I mean, how is that my business?

Francisco just called me to say that lately, when he picks Lucy up and holds her like a baby (which he does when she bugs him enough, as he's trying to work), she's been doing something funny. Usually when she's held like a baby, she'll protest by putting one paw on the chin of the person holding her, and push away a little. Now, because Francisco has recently grown a goatee, she still puts her paw on his chin, but the fact that his chin is hairy is stimulating her to knead his chin fuzz with that one paw. This is adorable, no?

Not a lot to tell right now. I need to come to work tomorrow to burn through as many files as I can, because I've fallen behind, and also I'm out of the office on Monday, since we'll be taking Boy to camp. Tomorrow night we're having dinner with friends, and Sunday I'm sure we'll be doing chore things and getting the Boy packed to go. He'll be gone three weeks, and I know we'll miss him a lot, but I also know life will seem ridiculously easy while he's gone. It's amazing what difference it makes to only have to take care of ourselves. Footloose and fancy free, kittens!

Gotta make some calls.


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