snowy day, but mostly melted now


Yesterday I stayed home from work, since it was all snowy out, and most of my coworkers did too. Francisco dragged us out into the cold for a walk, but otherwise we were lazy inside, doing various things. Today it's a lot warmer (high 50s) and most of the snow is melted, so Francisco and I went for a walk a few minutes ago. We were out for a couple minutes before going back to get the camera, because it's a good picture taking day. I took a picture of the big and little satellite dishes (there's a house in our neighborhood with a big satellite dish on a pole, and then right next to it one of those direct tv dishes, on the ground. Together they look like a mama and baby.), Francisco took a picture of the inside of a car, because the window was open and there was a plate inside with a little food on it, plus a horribly bent fork, and we took numerous pathetic snowmen pictures. Nice day, with lots of cats staring out of windows or huddling stealthily in yards.

This morning I slept late, due to Esther coughing at 5:30 and me getting up to pill her. She did her funny little trick where, when I approach her with the pills, she runs and gets under something, thus thwarting my efforts. So I had to wake up a little more than usual, in order to out-wily her, and therefore slept in longer, because it's Saturday, and I can. The last dream I had before waking up was that I was back in a high school science class, but at my current age of 36. I formed a bond with the teacher, Mr. Getz, who was the physics and chemistry teacher at my high school, and he gave me some vitamin pills as a prize for filling a form out correctly. Anyway, I looked around the classroom and was distressed to find there was no periodic table of the elements on the wall. I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it did, and when I woke up I decided that I would paint the periodic table directly on a wall of the next house we live in. I would do it in This house except we'll want to sell it soon, and probably not too many people will be keen on having that as decoration.

The rest of today will involve laundry and some other minor chores, watching a dvd, and talking to people I love on the phone. Tomorrow morning we'll go to breakfast at our favorite place, and then we'll go to the flea market and to the IMAX theater in Raleigh, because they've got a film about India that looks amazing. I also have a project to do involving my sister's wedding, but it has to wait until after I talk to her on the phone today. Poor girl--she read my last diary entry, on Thursday, a few minutes before Survivor came on on the west coast, and saw who had been kicked off, because I was kind of drunk and blabbed in my very first sentence. In my defense, I totally forgot about the west coast and the time difference, and also? I was kind of drunk. So hopefully she can forgive me for the blabbing. If not, she is a big baby. Either way, it's going to be a long time before I drink that much wine again, because yesterday I had the closest thing to a hangover that I ever get. Iron stomach, you know. I can still kind of see the L and the E on my left hand fingers, because I haven't gone to any great lengths to wash the letters off.

Time to make some calls.


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