snowflakes and devil hats


I'm pretty pleased with myself right now. I needed to buy warm weather shirts this weekend, and I put it off until today but it was raining like crazy earlier, and now it's snowing. I'm not going ANYwhere today, but I just ordered 4 cute shirts from Not sure why I didn't think of it before, but there you go.

I sort of still want to go out today, to get some craft things, but I'm not going to. What I want are embroidery supplies--I want to learn how to do that. I envision embroidering really cool designs, like tattoo flash or modern art stuff (Kandinski, I'm looking at you)--onto clothes and etc, so learning embroidery is my next project. I have a few embroidery ingredients my Aunt Ruby gave me before she died, including a nice hoop in a style I don't think they make anymore, and I want to use those but there are other things I need also. Ruby gave me the coolest old needle book, and it looks like the only thing missing is a needle threader, which I don't use anyway. Ruby kept everything she owned in really good condition; I want to be like her in that respect.

There aren't enough Buffy reruns on the weekends, and this is annoying. I keep checking for them, on the tv guide channel, but no dice. Looks like we'll have to resort to our only remaining Netflick, The History of Britain part 5. Or maybe we could play a game instead. Or read. And I have laundry to do, and dusting. Sorry, History of Britain; maybe another time.

Yesterday it was 77 degrees. Today it's not quite 30. Thanks a lot, weather.

I was thinking about how much I miss having a family doctor. When I was a kid I saw the same doctor (or one other doctor, if the main doctor was not available) every time I was sick or needed a checkup. This was for my whole childhood, the same two doctors. Now I'm lucky if I see the same doctor twice, and the only time I see my primary care doctor is when I make an appointment way in advance. I know we're all in the same boat with the HMOs, but some people (who are younger than I am) never had the whole Family Doctor Experience, so they don't know what they're missing. HMOs suck.

Hey, go visit the Jelly. She is Kick. Ass.

I found some red fleece in my fabric scrap box earlier. I'm going to go make a devil hat.


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