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I need to announce that my relationship with the Red Hot Chili Peppers has been broken off, and for quite some time now. Californication was a good album (IHOP) but that last one? Not so much. And I've only heard that one song from the new album, but I think it sucks, and the video made me cringe. Also, Anthony Kiedis has turned into such a fucking diva I want to judo chop him in the neck. So: Red Hot Chili Peppers, I know I said I'd always love you, but I had no idea what you'd turn into. You have become untenable. The End.

Yesterday I happened across a job at CWU (in Ellensburg) that sounds interesting, and I've decided to apply even though the notice says they'll start screening applicants on May 15. I need to update my resume anyway, and I'll need to complete a general application for any position at CWU, so if this job doesn't work out, at least it'll be on file for next time. In my cover letter I'll point out how my skills and abilities would work out so well in the job (it is NOT the same job as I have now, just so you know, but there are some similar duties), and also point out that I realize the time frame of my move might not work out with their hiring time frame, but that I am so interested in the job I thought I'd take a chance. Why am I telling you all this?? I guess it's just weird to me to be applying for a job, since I haven't done it in a very long time, and also I feel a bit nervous about it, so I'm trying to reassure myself it'll be fine by blabbing to you, the internet. I love you, internet--let's never break up. Unless you somehow turn into Anthony Kiedis.

Francisco and I have a hell of a weekend ahead of us. We need to paint a bunch of walls and fix some stuff and clean the house really well, because next week we're going to put the house up for sale. I love this house and I'm really going to miss it, and I hope hope hope someone will see what a cozy place it is and will want to buy it, even though we painted the living room orange. And that orange is BEAUTIFUL, but of course orange isn't everyone's cup of tea. So, the weekend will surely suck, and Francisco and I are both starting to panic at the immense amount of stuff we need to do before June 10, but at the same time we both know it will somehow work out okay. And he bought us walkie talkies at the Costco this week, which I am mentioning as a Good thing about the move. He got them so we could talk to each other while driving separate vehicles across this great nation of ours, but of course we've been playing with them. Use of CB lingo is one of the best things about the walkie talkies, as is using "over" after each sentence, preferably cheesily, as in "The honeymoon is OVER, over". I think we should talk on them a lot this weekend, to make all the working more bearable.

I'm going home now, and tonight we will have dinner and pack up the books on our hallway bookshelf thingie, in preparation for painting in there tomorrow. We have agreed we will drink wine while packing them, to make it more fun, and to try to stave off the panic for just one more night. Oy.

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