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Remember how I talked about my boss's constant LOUD coughing and how it went on for weeks before he finally went to the doctor and found out he had walking pneumonia? Yeah, now my coworker has the walking pneumonia, from the germs the boss spread around, and she said she doesn't blame him, but I do. My blame finger is pointed firmly in his general direction, because I know he didn't know he had pneumonia, but he knew he was sick with SOMEthing and yet he kept coming in here and coughing up the place. I hope none of the rest of us get it; this is a very bad work time to be sick.

I really don't feel like writing an entry, because I don't feel interesting, amusing, or creative, but I'm going to just note a few things, since I haven't updated in a few days.

Number one: The Boy is now taller than I am, by about half an inch, and he is Loving it. He keeps making short jokes at my expense, and I secretly think they're hilarious, but I pretend to be vexed because he enjoys it more that way.

Number two: On Saturday I spent about an hour cleaning up Esther, our bedding, and the cat box, since poor Esther's digestive system is being adversely effected by her antibiotics. She had the diarrhea in the cat box, but kind of half out of it too, and when she exited she got crap all over herself and then wiped it on our duvet. I really have no idea why she heads for our bed when she's got crap to wipe off, but it's apparently her toilet paper, and that's why we only buy washable duvet covers. Cleaning up crap was really not on my fun to-do list on Saturday, but it was a tiny bit funny to listen to her bitch me out while I was wiping her with a wet cloth. She is coughing considerably less often (last night there were No coughs, for the first time in forever), so I think the antibiotics are working, but I'm hoping we don't get any more epic shitstorms.

Number thhhhrreee: Carpocalypse! Have you seen that show? It's on Spike TV [I know, I haven't really watched that network either] and is fanTAstic. Basically, it's creative demolition derby, and you Know how much I love demolition derby. Plus, there's rednecky drama, and that's always good television. Highly Recommended; we got a season pass.

Number four: Francisco is hatching a scheme to move us back west this summer or in the fall, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it, but it seems like it could work. We've been throwing ideas around for awhile, and will continue to do so, I'm sure, but I really really really hope this thing pans out, because I would like to get out of this job and would like to live on the west coast again. I think I shall say some prayers to the evil turtle. If anyone can help me, he can.

We went to the gym this morning for the first time in way too long (so much for my previous big gym resolve) and lifted weights while listening to the mushmouths trash talk each other over their respective basketball alliances. Supporting a basketball team is very big here; I don't get it. When I was growing up, we watched sports only very rarely, and usually when we watched, it was stuff like ski jumping and ice skating [also, all non-team Olympic events]. Football was on in our house on Thanksgiving, because Grandpa Blaine liked it, and maybe one more time per season, whenever my dad and brother were feeling particularly manly. So I'm pretty meh on watching team sports, and when people here start talking about basketball, I take that opportunity to slink away. I played basketball in high school and loved it, but I don't care to watch others play it--that activates my boredom gland.

That is all.
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