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Dear Internet,

I have obviously been quite remiss about updating; my apologies.

Last weekend I:

1) Moved all the rest of the stuff out of the old house

2) Moved everything but the grill and the dolly out of the old garage

3) Slipped on ice in the driveway of the old house (after putting the very last thing in the truck) and wrenched my shoulder catching my fall. Ouch. The ice in this town is Ridiculous--it's like living on a glacier.

4) Fed my cat nephew, Murray, as his parents were out of town for the weekend. Poor Murray was desperate for love. I played with him with his wand toy on Sunday and it was so much more fun than playing with my cats because Murray will actually move his ass around the room, chasing the feathered thing. Lucy will do that for a couple of minutes and then be done, and Esther just wants to lay on her back and have me put the feather toy right ON her, so Murray was a lot of fun.

5) Made a dinner which impressed my mens. The main thing they were impressed about was that I made onion, spinach, and Fontina crostini and then drizzled them with a balsamic reduction I made. I'm not even sure how I decided on doing that except that ready-to-use baby spinach was on sale at Safeway and I was thinking about what I could make with it. Anyway, it was a huge hit and I will make it again sometime.

6) Finished the mittens I was making for my friend. Now if I could just summon the gumption to mail them.

7) Watched several episodes of Rob & Big, and also several episodes of House Hunters International. Both of these shows are right up my alley, in different ways. The thing that I loved best from Rob & Big was an episode in which Big called Rob "baby girl", sort of in passing, and Rob didn't even seem to notice. I'm going to start calling the men I know "baby girl" and see what happens.

8) Bought Sharky a haircut that he all of a sudden wanted. He called me after his indoor soccer game on Saturday and asked if I'd pay for him to get his hair cut like Cristiano Ronaldo. I told him yes I would, if he'd get it done at the beauty school, and he agreed immediately. Here are the results:

the Shark called me after his indoor soccer game yesterday

I am extremely pleased with this new hairstyle, and it only cost $8, including tip. This is without a doubt the best $8 I have ever spent, AND his hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Everybody wins!

This week:

1) Francisco slipped on ice and fell, hitting his head and hurting his hand. It happened just as he was finishing up a reserve deputy shift, so the sergeant (or whoever--the person in charge at the time) told him he needed to get checked out by a doctor; he went and fortunately did not have either a concussion or a broken hand. That same day he started to feel feverish and has determined he has whatever virus is going around at the jail. He stayed home sick today; his first sick day from his job. Poor guy--it hasn't been the best week for him.

2) I went to knitting group last night and enjoyed it again. I started a hat I've been wanting to make (have to work on the lace scarf in the privacy and silence of my bedroom) but something in the instructions confused me and I had to stop and unravel. I tried it over again during my lunch hour today and made a mistake so I had to stop and unravel. The hat uses a provisional cast-on, which I've not done before, and also includes short rows, and my experience with those is very limited, but I'm sure I can get it all figured out and am pleased to be adding to my knitting knowledge. I know how much you love reading about knitting, Internet. You are welcome.

3) Work has been annoying. Not that busy, but just aggravating. I'm not sure how much longer I want to work here, but with this town's employment situation, it's not going to be easy to get something else. Hi, Universe? I need to put in a request.

4) Today one of my student coworkers bought me a cinnamon roll, because he's nice. I had earlier in the morning jokingly asked him to run to the bakery and fetch me a scone, so when he went to the grocery store to get himself a snack he got the cinnamon roll because they didn't have scones. The cinnamon roll gift was problematic because I'm not eating desserts anymore, but I accepted it as though I'd be eating it because I didn't want him to feel his gift was rejected. Now I think I would like to dry the cinnamon roll in the oven (lowest temperature) and then shellack it when it's completely dry so I can put it on my bookshelf with my other weird things. I think he would be amused by that, so I plan to go forward with it, and it should be a fun project.

I could probably write more things but I need to go home now. I hope you have a great weekend, sugars!




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