I don't want to think about what it's been eating


OKAY. This morning when Francisco and I went into the living room, prepared to watch last night's House, Esther was acting funny. She was all jittery and was running a few steps, stopping, then running a few more steps and stopping; etc. I figured she was just in a playful morning mood and didn't pay too much attention. As we were sitting on the couch, watching the beginning of House, I started periodically hearing something--kind of a scritchling noise--but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I had Francisco pause House and we listened, and it was coming from the heat vent by the door. Esther was on full alert by this time, staring at the vent, so Francisco got a flashlight and looked in there. The creature making the noises? Was a blue-tailed skink, and I'm positive it's the same skink that got into the house almost exactly one year ago and then ran into the heat vent in the kitchen. My only question is, how did it survive in the vents for all this time? I'm sure it's possible it's a whole different blue-tailed skink, but in that case, where did this new one come from? I don't know; I just feel this is the Universe's funny way of bringing things full circle in order to vex and confuse.

Today I am: Nauseous. I don't know why this is, but since about 10:00 this morning I've felt liable to borch at any moment, except of course I won't. Y'all KNOW I don't do that; I'm not going to ruin a 15 1/2 year vomit-free streak over a little mystery nausea. I also had to go in today to get my blood taken for that TSH test my doctor set up at my request, and I can't say that did anything to help the nausea (though it didn't aggravate it either. overall effect on nausea: neutral). I didn't Want to go in today, but I couldn't go in Monday or yesterday, and since I specifically requested the test, I thought I should be a man and get it over with. The blood-taking was easy breezy--no problems at all--and I'm glad all over again I was able to get past my fear of blood tests, because if I was still as scared of them as I used to be, it would be Very Bad, considering all the tests I've had to have to fine-tune my thyroid med over the past 5 years, right? So, no biggie, and my only regret was being unable to stealthily edit (for punctuation) the sign up in the waiting area, because omg, it SO needed a comma.

I've been sleeping like a rock the past couple of nights, and yet I'm still waking up tired. Unfair, Universe! Also unfair: I just found out there's a high school reunion in the works for this summer--they want to have it on July 4th. I hadn't heard anything about a reunion and I was assuming our class was going to blow it off, but apparently not. I AM NOT GOING TO ATTEND; I just can't. The last one was way too stressful, and since I haven't spoken to anyone from my class since then, it's unlikely I will suddenly remember all my classmates' names when I couldn't remember them last time. I got this reunion info off the message board for my high school, at that accursed classmates.com, but I'm going to pretend I don't know about it. And if anyone actually contacts me directly, I have vowed to make my invitation declination polite, instead of the gut-feeling "I'd rather be dead" response I'd LIKE to give. I doubt the thing will get a very large turnout--our class was about 95 people in the first place, and only about 30 came to the last one. Oh man, just Thinking about attending another reunion is making me nervous. I'm not a mingler even under the best circumstances, and I don't consider socializing with people I haven't seen for ten years and wasn't really friends with in the first place "the best circumstances".

Dear Liver,

I will honor my promise to rest you for awhile, but YOU OWE ME.

Your boss,

Alright, I'm outtie. Still need to call a couple of people before I can leave the office, and really I should call more than that, but tough totems.

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