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My beauties, I feel like a million bucks today. I got up at 4:45, went to the gym, and pedaled for 40 minutes while (re)reading Siddhartha. Honestly it wasn't the very best reading material for the gym, but at least it was light; the book I read last week while pedaling was quite heavy and made my arms tired. I went to the gym yesterday morning too and am pleased with the gym momentum I've got going right now. Some people from work have asked me why I don't go to the Rec Center on campus instead of my gym, and it's because the Rec Center costs the same as my gym but is farther away and is most likely populated in the early morning by pretty girls with eating disorders. I prefer to exercise closer to home, with ugly people wearing ill-fitting sweatpants, and really, who Wouldn't prefer this? Nobody I know, that's who.

Oh, and here's an exercise-related thing that involves a shameful confession: I have just started a sit-up regimen that is comprised of doing as many sit-ups as I can every morning. This came about because a few weeks ago Francisco asked me to hold his legs while he did sit-ups, then he offered to hold my legs so I could do them. I agreed, though I didn't know how many I could do, but I'd been doing ab crunches semi-regularly, so I thought I could do a respectable number, right? Baby cats, I could not, at that time, do even ONE sit-up! Not even ONE!! The horror. Why the eff have I been bothering with ab crunches all this time when clearly they are doing nothing for me? Screw you, Ab Crunches! I'm going back to good old classic sit-ups, as of this morning. I managed to do 2 and almost a 3rd, which is obviously pitiful, but I have to start where I am, yes? Tomorrow I'm sure I can do 3, and I'll keep doing them and doing them in the mornings until I'm up to like 500 sit-ups. I will then take on a second job cracking nuts with my abdomen.

You know, maybe this whole entry should just be fitness-themed, because I would also like to tell you that I started back with the tiny foods plan yesterday and though I am hungry, it feels good to be back on a regimen that will give me the progress I want. I'm not thinking about the long, hungry road I'll have to trod to get to my goal, because the only time that's relevant is right now, and I can be hungry right now, no problem. I'm allowing myself to think about the clothes that I'll be able to wear soon, and it's fortunate that I kept smaller clothes, because there are some I'm not far from being able to wear, some I'm a couple months from being able to wear, and some I'll be able to wear when I'm back at my fighting weight. I didn't actually keep too many of the fighting-weight clothes, but the ones I kept are the ones I really love, and that's a good motivation. I'm also thinking about the pounds I will be losing as one pound weights I'm carrying on my person, and how nice it'll be to be able to put them down, one by one. I'm drinking lots of water and am trying to be the loudest pee-er in the bathroom. That last thing isn't part of my regimen; it's just fun. Anyway, just so you know, I'll be talking about my regimen and reporting on my progress in my diary for awhile, but I'm not changing this to a fitness diary or anything terrible like that; the regimen and progress report will just be Part of the diary for awhile. I feel it's only right to give you fair warning.

In non-fitness-related news, we saw family this weekend and it was nice. Our nieces had adorable dresses and enjoyed the Easter festivities, or at least Lou did; Baby Frances seemed a bit oblivious to it. She also seemed to have either forgotten me or developed a deep mistrust of me, because she wouldn't come near me until about 30 minutes before we left on Sunday evening. Twyla, Sonny, and the girls are coming over today and are staying until Thursday, so I'll have plenty of time to re-win that kid over. They're visiting to enroll Lou in kindergarten, further scope out the town, and do some employment reconnaissance for Sonny, and have I mentioned how excited I am that they're moving here? I can't imagine that I haven't because this is some major excitement, people.

Today I went home for lunch and on the way was passing a yard that had a dog standing in it. She was sort of a Golden Retriever-looking dog, and when I spoke to her, she didn't look at me. I spoke to her louder, and this time she whipped her head toward me, which is when I could tell she couldn't see out of the eye closest to me; no wonder she'd been so startled when I talked to her again. I glanced around the yard and saw the gate to the backyard had been blown open by the E-burg gale force winds, which is why this half-blind, half-deaf dog was standing in the front yard, and then I was in a quandary of what to do, exactly. I couldn't just leave her in the front yard; what if her blind, deaf ass wandered into the street and got hit? But I was afraid to go into the yard, because she was clearly wary of me and might bite me out of fear. So I stood there talking to her, hoping she'd be so put out by my presence that she'd go into the backyard on her own, at which point I'd shut the gate behind her, but nothing doing. I called Francisco (it was just a couple blocks from our house) and he came down to help. In the meantime I knocked on the front door, which confirmed that no one was home, and the dog didn't seem inclined to bite me for doing that, so I felt a little braver. Francisco arrived and gamely took her by the collar, which she did not like, but she allowed him to lead her to the backyard gate and usher her in. Mission Accomplished! The dog is safe (if a bit traumatized) and we feel like responsible citizens of Planet Earth. End of heart-warming story.

I forgot to bring an apple for my afternoon snack, and lordy lord my stomach is Growling. I hope the stomach starts shrinking so it won't be quite so empty-feeling, because I can deal with hunger, but wouldn't mind it being less intense than this.

Have a good night!



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