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The cats had their annual vet appointment this morning and when I got them back home at 10:30 I wished it wasn't too early to start drinking. The appointment itself went fine--I like their vet a lot and they got a clean bill of health--but the trip to and from was something else entirely. The usual yowling and panicking from Esther, which rationally I know I shouldn't worry about, but she gets so worked up it stresses me. It didn't help that it started raining really hard on the way home or that I had to stop for gas. Oy. Thank god it's only once a year.

Boy is really into these action figures lately that are kind of like Ken dolls but larger and more muscular. He has 8 of them (one is a woman) and he calls them 'The Guys', or 'My Guys'. The other night he asked if he could play in our bedroom and I said yes but asked what he was doing, and he said, "Playing with The Guys". Not sure why that cracks me up but it does.

I think Francisco and I are going to take Tae Kwon Do from Boy's teacher--he also teaches adults. I like that teacher a lot, you might recall. He is inherently a very funny man, and he has the most amazing nose. I saw it close up the other night and it is very large and triangular. It doesn't look bad or anything, but man it's big. Anyway, I want to do Tae Kwon Do because I want to attain the power of asskickery; all those Buffys I've been watching are inspiring me.

Feeling extremely lazy today; I don't know why. Maybe it's the rainy weather, but I have no ambition other than sitting on my ass today. I know I'll do more than that, but not because I Want to. Next up, a trip to the library. Haven't been there in way too long. I want to look for a book Atomic recommended, though they probably won't have it. I'll try to get it on interlibrary loan.

Eh, that's about all. The lazy feeling extends to the entry writing, apparently. Have a great day,


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