I had to leave the west coast because I was ruining everybody's lives and eating all the steak


I'm sneaking back in here all sheepish from not posting for so long. I was on the west coast for most of the time I did not post, but still, that's a long-ass time for me to go without posting, right? Anyway, hello and I hope you had a great two weeks. Happy New Year to all! I have a lot to talk about but mostly it can be condensed to say traveling is hell but it was extremely good to see all the people I love. Francisco and I contracted the Cold From Hell a week ago and inadvertantly infected our brother-in-law (oy, I feel Terrible about that), so the past week was not as much fun as it could have been if we had been in full health, but it was still great to see everyone.

I will write more about our trip later, but Francisco just got home from the grocery store and we're going to take a walk, so I have to cut this short. I've been on the interweb practically all day, catching up, so it's time I did some moving around.

Love y kisses,
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