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Today what I have for you is not much. Events at work have me all preoccupied and whatnot, but I'm posting anyway for the sole purpose of declaring a Song of the Day. This is because I found The Russian Futurists' "Paul Simon" available today at this site, and though some of you have surely heard the song and have it in your library, some of you will not have heard it and therefore need it quite badly. I do what I can for you, Interweb, for you give me a place to talk and talk and talk and therefore spare Francisco some of the pain. He is a patient and loving man but even he has limits. Anyway, I hope you enjoy that song--just last night I was listening to it and thinking it needed to be the song of the day at some point, but I couldn't find it at any of the usual suspects, so I thought all hope was lost. Awesome!

Already I'm trying to gird my loins (so to speak) for Sharky's little slumber party tomorrow night. I know it's only 3 boys total, but as some of you know, 3 boys can, if they pool their vocal resources, match the decibel level of a jet engine, so I'm glad Francisco's To-Do list for the party includes laying in a quantity of beer.

I foolishly offered to make up a flier for the upcoming class reunion (the class prez sent out a distress signal, begging for someone to make a flier), so I'm thinking up ideas for that. He has some specific text he wants included, but as long as I put that in, I have full artistic license. All of my high school annuals were destroyed in a basement flood many years ago, but I happen to have one that was my brother's (still not sure how that came into my possession) and includes my class, so I was thinking I could copy the funniest pictures of my classmates from there and put them on the flier. Any suggestions for how to make the flier as outrageous as possible, Interweb?

In a little while I'll go home, and my night will consist of having dinner, watching television (regular and Spanish), thinking, knitting, and saying, "Tell me again why we haven't clipped Esther's claws." That cat is way too pointy lately, and yet we have lazily allowed her to remain pointy, which is dumb and painful. Francisco, get out the clippers; we've got work to do.

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