You know what I didn't realize until last weekend when television once again rode to the rescue of my neglected education? The French foreign legion still exists! Did you know that? Because I didn't know that. Anyone who isn't French can join it--just go to one of their recruiting stations (listed on the website) , and apply. If they accept you (not guaranteed) they'll give you a new [French] name under which to sign your 5 year contract (if you want one--the new name isn't mandatory), and then the hellish training will begin. It looked like the kind of training you see marines do, except harder--people die sometimes. And everyone learns French, if they didn't know it already, because that's the language in which you get yelled at. If you survive your 5 year stint (10% of enlistees do not, since the French Foreign Legion gets sent to all kinds of dangerous places), you have the option of taking back your old passport and going back to your previous life, or you can keep the French name they gave you and receive French citizenship. I recommend that second course of action, because they have a retirement home kind of place for FFL veterans, in France, at a big vineyard. It looks like a sweet deal, except for the high mortality rate. Just so you know, the tv show I watched about it had some different information from what's on the website, so everything I just told you might be wrong, but I'm sticking with what the TEEvee done taught me.

Speaking of the tv and learning, I've just started recording/watching Plaza SÚsamo, which is Spanish Sesame Street, to help me in my quest to someday gain Spanish fluency. What's weird is, some of the muppets look the same as the regular SS muppets but they have totally different voices, and Big Bird? Looks like one of those cherry headed parrots from The Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Fortunately it's only a half hour show, because that's about all I can take in one sitting, but I HAVE learned from it, so there you go.

Songs of the Day:

The Mystery Jets -- You Can't Fool Me Dennis, at Awesome Until Proven Guilty.

Josh Ritter -- Wolves, at Caffeine-Headache.

Duran Duran -- My Own Way, at Disco-Not-Disco.

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