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1) Our office had a party today, it finished up a few minutes ago. "Another party?", you say, incredulously? YES, motherfucker, another one, and I say motherfucker with love in my heart for you. The person who plans all these things has almost no work to do, and despite everyone else's hair being on fire, because it's April, she has planned yet another soiree. This time it's for our second in command boss, because her daughter had twins a couple weeks ago, so it's another GRANDPARENT shower, but since I adore this woman, I'm not complaining too much. I bought this card for her yesterday, and I got her three kid books for when the babies are a little older. The card has nothing to do with the occasion, but when I saw it I started laughing and couldn't stop, and therefore the card Had to be purchased.

2) I tried to transfer my Synthroid prescription from the evil pharmacy I've been using to the Costco pharmacy, and it's been nothing but trouble. Costco was very helpful and accommodating, but the evil pharmacy claims I don't have any refills left, and I don't think that's true, but unfortunately I don't have any documentation to prove it. So Costco called my dr. office but whoever they talked to said I'd have to get my thyroid tested before they would approve a refill. I called the office this morning to try and get a lab appt, but I was shuffled around to various places and then transferred to a number where I could leave a message for my dr., except the number rang about 80 times and then someone picked up the phone and HUNG IT UP--I was listening; I could tell. At that point I gave up and emailed my dr., and she got me a lab appt. early this afternoon. I went in and got my blood drawn and got a Hulk sticker for being so brave. So this annoyance should be resolved within a couplefew days, and I am extremely glad my pills won't have to live at that evil pharmacy anymore.

3) It's been such a long day, and tomorrow will surely be horrendous, because it's another visitor day and we expect a huge turnout. Send me the good vibes, por favor.

4) Now I'm going to leave the office. I will stop for fuel, go home and scarf dinner, and then call my friend Isabel for our phone date. It was supposed to be last Thursday, but naturally I forgot, for the five thousanth time, and I'm not sure why she hasn't disowned me yet. After the phone date I'll work on Francisco's sweater some more; so far it's turning out the way it's supposed to. I realized when working on the sweater that I do have Some form of faith, but it's faith in myself that I'll be able to decipher things such as sweater instructions from a book. I'm still not entirely sure how the saddle shoulders are supposed to work, but I Believe when I get there, I'll be able to figure out what to do.

5) Good night.

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