Ah children; is there anyone who can scream louder?


Boy got up this morning feeling not very good, but he didn't have a fever so we sent him to school. At about 10:15 I got a call from the school nurse that he had a 101 fever (he had no fever when he left home), so I went and got him from school. I called his doctor and got him an afternoon appointment (he was saying his lungs felt funny when he breathed). I then went to the grocery store to get good sick foods and Tylenol, and to the Blockbuster (which is when I remembered how much I hate Blockbuster) to rent him his favorite movie, Kikojiru.

He took a Tylenol and his fever went away, and we watched the movie and I took him to the doctor. This is when my day turned Really bad. People, I have no idea how anyone can stand working in that office. We were there awhile (same day appointments take a long time of sitting around), almost 2 hours, and you would not Believe the screaming coming out of those exam rooms. Constant frantic screaming and crying emanating from Ever Room But Ours. It was horrific and after we'd been there for, oh, an hour and 15 minutes, I started thinking I was going to go completely apeshit and run into the hall, shrieking, "SHUT UP!!!! SHUUUUUUT!!!!! UUUUUUUUUP!!!! SHUT YOUR SCREAM HOLES--I CAN'T LISTEN TO THIS ANYMORE! SHUUUT!!!!! UUUP!!!!!" while gesticulating like a madwoman. I managed to contain myself, though, and Boy was diagnosed with the flu. Of course. So the trip to the doctor was basically unnecessary, but it's really hard to know with kids when not to take them to the doctor. Most of the time it's a virus, but sometimes it's not, so when Boy is sick, I Always take him to the doctor, and it's almost Always unnecessary. Such is life.

Uck. Anyway, real quick because Francisco has dinner almost ready, Joe Millionaire. I'm glad that Melissa got kicked off, except that it would've been fun to see that gold digger be The Chosen One, and watch her face when he told her about being poor. Oh well. I predict Zora will be the ultimate winner, even though she freaks the guy out with her weird dreams and stuff.

Also, (last thing) my boy Benicio finally has his next movie coming out, The Hunted. I've been waiting a long time for this movie, and it'd better not suck. You hear me, whoever made The Hunted?? No sucking!!

Dinner now.


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