a short list of purchases


Things I bought today while antique shopping with Francisco's mother:

5 old school lunch trays, in cool colors (they're marbelized and swirly)

4 heavy double shot glasses, for drinking aquavit

So, okay, two purchases don't deserve a list format, but whatever. I was tempted by a cool set of 8 old fashioned glasses, because they had little turquoise and chrome fishes on them, but I don't have anywhere to put them so they stayed at the store. Maybe I'll go back and visit them sometime, to see if they go on sale. I still wouldn't have a place to put them, but maybe I could give them to someone for their birthday.

My parents' second flight was delayed in Chicago, but they're on their way now and will be in around 5:30 or so (I need to call and get the exact time). Francisco and I spent all day yesterday cleaning and baking, and today I feel like I have the arthritis because my wrists and ankles are hurting. Stupid aging joints. We made skor bar (him), chocolate truffles (him), and lemon bars, rumballs, russian teacakes, and peanut butter cookies with the hersheys kisses (those four me). Did about a million loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom and dusted the whole house and blah blah yadda--it made me tired. When Francisco and Boy went to pick up Francisco's mom, I stayed home and took a shower and relaxed; it was a much-needed break. We were up until just after midnight last night, which is a lot later than we've been staying up lately, and hopefully that won't be an every night thing because I need more sleep than that. Do I sound 80? I'm 36.

I still haven't been sleeping well, but the past couple nights it's been due to Esther coughing (unexpectedly, because she had been doing a lot better). I need a soundproof chamber, and also it needs to be smellproof, because sometimes smells wake me up at night too. Like when the heater comes on and it has a burny smell, that wakes me up. Or if Francisco cooked something that made a strong smell in the house, that'll wake me up. I'm kind of a freak, I know, but at least if we ever have a fire during the night, I'll be awake before the smoke alarm goes off. But I'd rather not have a fire.

Wow, I can't believe my brain is working so poorly right now--I couldn't deliver anything funny or interesting if there was a gun to my head. This seems like an excellent time to stop typing.


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