Well, Happy New Year, friends! I did not make a list of resolutions but I have 3 things in mind to work on in 2008. Firstly, I will be taking stock of unfinished projects and will either finish them up or get rid of them--I think this will do me a world of good, mentally. Secondly, I will continue (and step up) my plan of eating for health and will also be using our new treadmill frequently (used it for the first time this morning). Lastly, I want to say YES more, even when things scare me. I started this YES plan when I bought my plane tickets for Catie's party in February, and I want to keep going with it. My next opportunity to say YES arrived today, via my friend, Christina. She had emailed a woman on campus who hosts a knitting group, to basically ask if I would be welcome at it, and apparently I am; the woman said I should call her for directions, and oh by the way the next meeting is tomorrow night. That's sooner than I'm comfortable with (ideally I would need a few months to get used to the idea), but the YES plan dictates more decisive action, so this morning I called her and left a message about getting directions. As usual my voice mail message was less than smooth, but she called me back and gave me directions to her house, so I'll go and see what happens. What I WANT to have happen is to meet at least one person I could be friends with, because so far my only friend in town is my coworker, Christina, and she's planning to move to Southern CA this coming summer. I hope this works; I'm not sure where else to meet people, since I attend neither church nor PTA meetings, and it's gotten important to me to have in-person friends (as opposed to internet, though I do LOVE my internet friends). I'm actually pretty excited about this knitting group, now that it's a done deal; it was only when I was wracked with indecision about whether or not to call her that I was iffy.

The Shark got home safe and sound via Twyla yesterday in the late afternoon, and I was happy to see him. We spent a quiet evening (he was unpacking, mostly, and catching up on Myspace) and I went to bed super early so I could get up at 5:00 this morning and not feel like death. However, it took me a long time to fall asleep and I'm thinking I might not want to keep reading The Stand just before trying to fall asleep--for Some Crazy Reason I'm not finding Stephen King to be restful nighttime reading.

That's about all I've got today, lambies. I need to jet out now so I can go to the grocery store on the way home, because unfortunately I need to buy whole wheat flour and peanut butter. Why couldn't I remember these heavy items when I Drove to the store yesterday? Bad brain.




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