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My assy boss is going around crowing over the Scott Peterson death penalty, and I'm all meh over here. My opinion on the death penalty has changed a lot over the years, and what I think is it's not a very good punishment. This is because we're all going to die, so if a person's imminent death gets moved up by a few years, that's not as big a punishment as having to sit in prison for the rest of your natural life, IHOP. I mean, I would rather die than have to stay in prison for 30-50 years, so that's where I, personally, am coming from on this issue; I know there are as many differing opinions are there are grains of sand (okay, not That many), but whatever. I told Francisco last night about how vocally happy the boss is about the Peterson death sentence, and he said, "Oh right; I forgot he was pro-life". Francisco always knows just what to say.

On Sunday I spent some time downloading music from Vitaminic; specifically in the samba genre, because Francisco wanted some drum-heavy music. And let me tell you, it's great. I like it so much I downloaded all the same songs at work yesterday and I put them into a playlist which I've got going right now. It makes this day, which is otherwise going by unbelievably slowly, a little bit better. Seriously, what is it with today? Is there a time warp and I didn't get a memo? Anyway, if you like samba music, I recommend the stuff available at Vitaminic--my favorites are The Sambaholics, but there are other good bands as well. There are also good samba bands at Tramavirtual (though not as many as I expected), if you want to register and muddle your way through the Portuguese. I downloaded some songs from there yesterday, as well. It's no wonder I like samba so much, since, after all, it contains much police whistle action.

One of my coworkers wants to start a family soon, and she has numerous friends with kids, which means she has numerous pictures of kids that aren't hers. She likes to show these pictures to everyone in the office, and she especially likes to show ME pictures of some kid named Avonleigh and her new baby brother. This is because when she told me about the kid, Avonleigh, I told her in no uncertain terms how much I Despise that name [my apologies to any Avonleighs reading this--it's not your fault you were given a pretentious and terrible name]. For some reason my coworker decided it was her mission to prove to me how cute the child is, though I was never disputing that anyway. This morning she showed me a new picture of Avonleigh and her brother (don't remember his name), and said, "See! Aren't they cuuuute?!" "Eh, they're okay", I said. "He looks too skeptical for one so young, and she looks a little like a chipmunk." "Well", she huffed, "I hope when I have kids you won't tell me they're funny looking". I told her I would never tell her that, but if her kids Are funny looking, I will Definitely make fun of them behind her back. She was only slightly appeased. I've told her several times that I recognize the cuteness of children, but if I don't know the kids, I just don't Care if they're cute and I'd rather look at pictures of kittens, so it's her own fault when she shoves a picture in my face and doesn't get the cooing response she's angling for. I'm not sure why she's so invested in the cuteness of other people's children anyway. Hopefully she'll have her own babies soon so that 1) she will forget all about Avonleigh, and 2) I can say funny things about their appearances/names to other people.

OH no. That same coworker just emailed about carpooling to a workshop our office is attending tomorrow, and I had Completely forgotten about it. Crap, I do Not want to go to this thing--it's a long drive and it'll be horribly boring and I won't get to go to Old Navy during my lunch hour tomorrow, as was my plan. Also, I have to be here at 8 tomorrow morning, which, hello, will be a huge shock to my system. And at these conferences they always "go around the room" with forcing the attendees to introduce themselves, say where they work, and how many years they've been working in financial aid. I'm tempted to introduce myself with an outlandish fake name, just to ease the boredom a tiny bit.

We did xmas shopping last Friday night and it was not bad at all, right from the moment we arrived at the mall and kicked a woman out of the parking space we'd been waiting for and that she thought she could get away with stealing. We are gangstas, we are. We still have a few things to get, which is why I need to go to Old Navy, and why I will be leaving a few minutes early tonight to go to TJ Maxx. I got up early this morning to work on some little things we're making to give, and I'm almost done with those, so le holiday stress is easing off a bit. And Prof got us a cat sitter for our girls, which was worrying me since I found out the person who usually takes care of them will be out of town, so thank dog that's taken care of. This new woman will come over tomorrow night to get the lay of the land, and note to self: have the Boy clean his/the cats' bathroom. Note to the cats: please stop with the occasional crapping in the bathroom corner--there is no call for that kind of behavior. What will the cat lady think?

Last night UPS delivered our digital video camera (our anniversary/xmas present to ourselves), and I think we're really going to like it. I haven't had the chance to read the manual and figure out how to use it, but Francisco's been fiddling with it and getting the goods on how it works. We are so close to being filmmakers! Where's my beret?

Okay, we had Dennis pick up Sunday night's Survivor finale and reunion for us, and can I just tell you what vexes me about Survivor, every season? WOMEN LETTING THEMSELVES GET TRICKED/MANIPULATED BY MEN. This time they had the womens' alliance, and sure, some of the women didn't like each other, but it was Working, until a few women decided they would probably get screwed over in the end, so they not only make a deal with that repulsive Chris guy, but they Attach themselves to him. "Chris, who should we vote off? Chris, you're going to take me with you to the final two, right?" They had been in charge! How could they exchange that for being Chris's hanger-onners? That shit happens every season. Not the part about the womens' alliance, but the attaching themselves to some guy's coattails. Damn, ladies, chart your own destiny for once! Dare to think about who You are going to take to the final two with You, for godssake. Wow, that So drives me crazy. Also, Probst, jumping out of that plane? Fabulous, because it had a Ridiculous Factor of approximately 8. What will he do next time? Luge the votes in? Note to Universe: next time have Probst luge the votes to Studio City, after waterskiing to the US on the backs of porpoises.

Congrats to Nimblette Darlington and Omatic, who don't read my diary, but who cares because today they had a baby boy and I just found out about it. And you know what? I bet if I saw a picture of him I would think he was cute. In your face, Avonleigh!

Did I mention I haven't eaten any kind of dessert food for a week and a half? Like, none? I am being rewarded for my staunch dessert-refusal with a lovely hand-made scarf; I trust Roo picked me a good one.

Leaving soon; must finish one or two things.

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