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A few days ago, in my continuing quest for websites which allow musicians to offer their mp3s for free download, I registered myself at Tramavirtual, which is a Brazilian-based site, and is all in Portuguese. Tramavirtual offers music from all over Brazil, and there are several genres. Registering at the site was kind of fun, since I only SORT of knew what information was being requested, and there were a few fields that I got through with trial and error and making stuff up. As noted to Francisco this morning (to his full agreement), it's amazing how Not Like Spanish Portuguese is, considering that Spain and Portugal are arranged butt to butt over there in Europe. I mean, there Are similarities, but not as many as I'd think there would be (perhaps if I was fluent in Spanish I would see more similarities; who knows). Anyway, I haven't had time to do much exploring of the site yet (and wouldn't know what was being said even if I had), but there's a lot of music to try out, and if you want to have fun registering some fake information over there for the purpose of downloading music you have not even one clue about, run on over to Tramavirtual. I can only assume that translates to "virtual trauma", but that seems almost too easy.

The cat next door, Toby (not his real name, or maybe it is, but that would be one hell of a guess on our part), is in love with us. Every morning when we leave for the gym, he is on our front stoop to greet us and look curiously into our house. Sometimes in the evenings he is also milling around the front stoop, looking into the house and being hissed at by our cats (the cats can seldom be arsed to hiss at him in the mornings; their bellies are full of tuna then). A couple nights ago I thought he and Esther might actually touch noses, but Esther chickened out of the encounter and hissed at him instead. He is undeterred and continues to love us at every opportunity; I might have to knock on the neighbor's door and ask her Toby's real name, if he keeps it up.

You know what? Football might just possibly take itself a little too seriously. I offer as evidence the term "sacking", as applied to the tackling of the quarterback before he gets the chance to do anything with the ball he's been handed. Come on, now. The VIKINGS sacked people. They sacked people groups and towns and whole islands--they are clearly the Real sackers here. I think the term "sacked" in football should be changed to "squished" or something, because one guy getting tackled by one or several large and padded thugs cannot compare to having your town burned, all your possessions stolen, and your wife raped by the Vikings. Am I right? This is a rhetorical question.

I'm feeling a little nauseous right now, because I ate my lunch and then laughed too much at some of the ICQ pranks documented here. Maybe this makes me a geek, but I don't think so. Oh man; that guy is so, SO funny. If you have a little time to waste, you couldn't waste it at a funnier place.

My coworker reminded me about the ridiculous Halloween "curtain" I keep stored in my closet at work--I forget it's in there every year and don't put it up usually until just a couple days before Halloween. It's a bat at the top and mylar strips hanging down from the bat, in the doorway. I like putting it up because I like swishing through it on my way in and out of my office. Who doesn't like to swish through a mylar strip curtain? Nobody, that's who.

I think we've got our living room color decided on; too bad I can't remember it right now. It is a shade of orange that is darkish and on the red end of things. Lovely! Take my word for it. And boy is this weekend going to suck! There is just so much to do before we can even start painting--we have to move tons of stuff around and empty Raoul (who btw is staying after all--he's going in our bedroom in place of my desk, which was not used as a desk anyway and which will be going upstairs where the other small desk is, and that little desk will be moving into the living room), and omg, I just realized one minute ago that we won't have Tivo this weekend and we won't even be able to record the things that are scheduled to record this weekend, and they were no doubt HIGHLY IMPORTANT. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. We'll need boxes to put things in temporarily while the Grand Upheaval of 2004 is going on, and we don't have any. To the liquor store! And then to somewhere else to get boxes! [do you see what I did there?] Oh man. I really want to do this repainting/moving furniture/technology is our friend as relates to music thing, but it'll be such a busy weekend and without any time to sit around knitting garments and watching Girl Ranch (which is getting really good, I'll have you know, though the gay ranch hand didn't get hired at Girl Ranch like I'd hoped he would). I think I need a motto for the weekend. How about "Suck It Up, Yo"? By cracky, I think that's it!*

I am making great strides in the arena of mastering the art of the pillow moosh--my neck hardly hurts at all today. Lucy loves the new pillow, because the mooshiness of it allows her to actually drape herself across my head while also sort of laying on the pillow which is poofed up around my head. She thinks it's the best thing I've ever brought into the house, I'm sure. Esther thinks the best thing I've ever brought into the house is that poncho I bought at TJ Maxx that I wear in the house when it's chilly--she thinks it's a blanket that I'm wearing as a garment. How clever! And she can get under it--how thoughtful! It's amazing the concessions we make for those cats. They are totally our bosses.

That's about all I have to talk about today, except that I'm getting very excited to see David Sedaris on Friday night. We're going out to dinner beforehand with friends who are also going to David Sedaris, and that'll be very fun. The last time he was on a book tour (two years ago? three?) and came to this area, we went to see it with these same friends (with dinner first), so this Friday will be, like, the second bi or tri-annual dinner and David Sedaris outing for all of us. Which means nothing, really, but it's nice to have friends.


* WOW. How funny is "by cracky"? Answer = Very. |


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