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Friday Song RoundUp Extravaganza

The Clash -- Guns of Brixton, at Shake Your Fist.

Fiona Apple -- Parting Gift, at My Yellow Country Teeth.

Ok Go -- 1) Television Television, and 2) A Million Ways, at Jefitoblog.

Laura Cantrell -- Roll, Truck, Roll, at 3hive.

Simian -- LaBreeze, at Fluxblog (9/22--scroll down).

Mama Cass -- Make Your Own Kind of Music, at Music For Robots [as heard on Wednesday night's 'Lost'].

This is all I've got time for today; too busy to write about Lost and how cool it was that there was a guy down the hatch and that the hatch said Quarantined on the inside. I'm also too rushed to tell you how Sharky is going to a football (American variety; alas) game tonight so Francisco will have some nice alone time, or how my sister is visiting on Sunday.

But I'll get back to you.

Much love,
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