We would never have runned over her



A few minutes ago, I had one of the funniest conversations I can remember. We were returning from dinner (oh man that sushi was Good) and we were driving slowly through our neighborhood, about half a block from home. We saw a couple of kids up ahead--a girl on a bike and a boy on one of those electric fake cars--but they were riding up just past where we turn to go into our culdesac. As we were slowing to make our turn, the girl (who was glaring at us) let out this piercing and long scream, which made me laugh, and I did the "what??" gesture at her as we turned. She started pedalling after us, doggedly, her friend trailing behind. As we parked, she was sitting on her bike at the head of our driveway, still glaring. I told Francisco and Sharky, "Let me handle this, girl to girl", and got out of the car. She got off her bike and marched into the driveway.

ME: Is there a problem, girlfriend?
HER: I'm only five!! I'm riding with my friend--he is NOT my brother--and I can't get runned over!
ME: We would never run over you! We saw you on your pretty pink bike and we wouldn't have run over you.
HER: But..see...
ME: We were Totally watching out for you.
HER: But...
ME: I swear, we would never want to run over you, Ever.
ME: I'm sure sorry; we did Not mean to freak you out.
HER: That's okay. You want to see me do something on my bike?
ME: Desperately.

She pedalled off and almost immediately was confronted by the grim spectre of another car driving toward her. She had a terse conversation with the careless driver of that car as we made our escape into the house, giggling. I watched her and her friend who was not her brother ride around in the culdesac for awhile, and as they were leaving I observed her bossing him in a panicked way to stop at the end of the culdesac. That's when I realized what she was getting at: She thought she was babysitting him and in sole charge of his safety. He couldn't have been any younger than she was, but she was his protector, and that's pretty cute, but I can't help but think that girl's going to be hell on wheels when she grows up. She made my night.

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