I need to get some ruby slippers.


I'm at work today. We did get freezing rain last night, and it froze on the cars and the trees, but not the streets. It's still raining and is a thoroughly yucky day. It was like this last night when I was driving home too--very cold and wet--and Francisco had split pea soup waiting for me. It was the perfect dinner, and it was eaten in pajamas in front of the Buffy rerun. Life does not get any better than that.

One of the AtomicFriends posted this today. It seemed quite timely, in light of yesterday's gut-wrenching confession. Don't stop believing, yo.

I don't have a lot to report at this time. I'm feeling better than yesterday, in terms of being alert and rested. Right now the basement in our office building/house is flooding, because of repeated gross incompetence by maintenance people. Their latest thing, earlier today, was to stick a 5 gallon bucket under the leak, and the bucket is now full and water is overflowing. If you open the basement door and listen, it sounds like a mini-waterfall down there. I hate that the basement leaks, because it has flooded over and over again, and I just Know there are hazardous molds forming down there. I can hear them. This is the problem with unions--someone will come out and look at the problem and tell us they can't fix it, and then someone from another union will do the same--it's like the unions are passing the buck and no one wants to actually fix the damn thing. The plumber says the water is coming in where the electrical wires are, so it's not his problem, and the electrician sure isn't going to touch it. I'm tired of this ridiculous incompentance. If this doesn't get fixed right quick, I'll be forced to contact OSHA--The Wicked Witch of the West of Employee Safety. OSHA will get even with those idiots, and their little dog, too.

No pictures today; I didn't want to wear people out with them. Maybe pictures tomorrow. Thanks for all your kind comments on my guestbook recently--guestbook signings Really make my day.

The office is closing early in case of ice, so I'll end this now, go home, and put on my pajamas. It is the way of Eva.


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